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A Product Description

Product Description

Bednest is a unique bedside crib that attaches safely to virtually any bed allowing your baby to "co-sleep" in safety meaning that parents are not forced to get out of bed to tend the needs of their child. This revolutionary bedside crib and travel cot for bednesting with fold down sides allows the parent to breastfeed or simply comfort their child in the comfort of their own bed. The brand new 2010 model is a "must have" crib for all mothers making sleeping next to your child as peaceful and as safely as possible.

The Bednest Co Sleeping Cot enables....

  • Your baby to haves his/her own sleeping space.
  • Enjoying sleeping with your baby peacefully and closely together.
  • Immediately hearing your baby when he/she stirs.
  • Easy feeding at night without getting out of bed.
  • Perfect for bonding with your new baby

Attaches to virtually Side Can Be Folded Easy Transport With

any bed Half Down Supplied Travel Bag

cot.jpg about-folded-FS.jpg about-travel-FS.jpg

Folds into neat Functions a superb

convenient storage Moses Basket

easysotarge.jpg moses_basket.jpg



Length 860mm, width 475mm, height to top of baby's mattress adjustable between 360mm and 660mm. The box in which your bednest is delivered is 894mm x 515mm x 270mm weighing approx 15kg.

A typical Customer Comment - " I bought a bednest a few weeks ago ready for the arrival of my baby. Harry is now nearly 5 weeks old and I just wanted to let you know that buying the bednest was the best purchase I have made. The bednest gives this closeness as well as him being able to be in his own space with his own bedding – wonderful! The result is that although he feeds often in the night I can feed him with little fuss and he settles back down next to me afterwards. "

Bednest Accessories are now available at Babysecurity including extra mattresses and additional bed sheets.


For More Information on the Bednest Bed Side Crib Click Here


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Very easy to set up. It was an ideal option for us as we have a large divan bed so it was easy to strap the sleeper to our bed. Slightly wobbly but probably no more so than an average co-sleeper.


Just really clever to be honest. Just prefer having my baby next to me to save me having to get up all time in the night. Comforts her as well!

A definite by!