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Bettacare Pet Gate with Cat Flap 75-83cm (ext to 147cm)


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Bettacare Pet Gate with Cat Flap 75-83cm (ext to 147cm)

  • Extra tall Pet Gate to make an effective barrier for pets
  • Pressure mounted Pet gate which comes with optional screw fixings
  • New type of locking handwheel - Child-proof and cannot be over tightened
  • Gate Width: 75-83cm, Gate Height: 104cm
  • Extend the Pet Safety gate width up to 147 cm
  • Lockable Cat Flap is 16cm High and 18cm Wide
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A Product Description

Product Description

Bettacare Pet Safety Gate with lockable Cat Flap includes the addition of a cat flap in the gate door giving maximum flexibility for big and small pets together. Bettacare Pet Safety Gate is ideally suited for use as, Pet Safety Gates or Pet Stair Gate.

Gate Dimensions with Extensions:

Sections Fitted Width Range (cm)
Pet Gate plus Cat Flap (on it's own) 75 - 83
Gate + 1 bar extension 81.4 - 89.4
Gate + 2 bar extension 87.9 - 95.9
Gate + 1 bar + 2 bar extension 94.3 - 102.3
Gate + 2 bar + 2 bar extension 100.8 - 108.8
Gate + 5 bar extension 107.4 - 115.4
Gate + 1 bar + 5 bar extension 113.8 - 121.8
Gate + 2 bar + 5 bar extension 120.3 - 128.3
Gate + 1 bar + 2 bar + 5 bar extension 126.7 - 134.7
Gate + 2 bar + 2 bar + 5 bar extension 133.2 - 141.2
Gate + 5 bar + 5 bar extension 139.9 - 147.8

Only suitable for use with pets. Not for use with children.

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A Product Specification

Product Specification

Package dimension72 x 5 x 106 cm
Weight7.257 kg
Barrier OnlyNo
Extendable to (cm)147.8
Fixture TypePressure
Height (cm)104
Maximum Width (cm)83
Minimum Width (cm)75
No TripNo
One Hand OpeningYes
Opening DirectionTwo-Way

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Bought two of these so I can leave my porch door and side door open to get a flow of air into the house, when I am around. I have two cats myself but we have a predatory cat nearby who plans how to get into my house daily. He can access through bedroom windows and conservatory roof windows (all now kept 99% shut) so I hope these devices make him think before he assumes he can stroll through the doors and spray. He's lucky I haven't kidnapped him and dumped him 100 miles away, this is his (and my) last chance!!!


Good product. Useful cat flap.


Great gate easy to install


Excellent. Easy installation.


Safety gate with cat flap to keep my 2 year old granddaughter safe and for my 16 year old year old cat so they don't have to be apart!