Prevent Scalding: Protect your children

As parents we’re all very concerned about burns and scalds, and we’re always looking for the best ways to treat them.  Only the other day there was a feature on ITV’s This Morning show detailing how burns and scalds are one of the most common causes of injury for children today.  This should not be something we should put up with, and surely the best way to treat these injuries would be to prevent them from happening in the first place. The kitchen The kitchen is by far the most dangerous place in the house for your children and every precaution should be taken to keep it a safe if you’re going to allow access for babies.  Sometimes you can’t help allowing toddlers access to your kitchen simply due to its position in the home, and if this is the case then you need to take even more care.  A Continue Reading….

Ideas for decorating the nursery

Decorating the baby’s room may be one of the most fun things parents do before the baby arrives. It is such an exciting time and parents love to take great care, down to the very last detail. Of course it is important to remember that all a baby really needs is you, food and a warm place to sleep to be completely loved and cared for, but nurseries are fun for the parents and can be designed in ways that make caring for the baby a little more practical.

Stair gates – when to use?

Stairs. They are an important centrepiece of the home and a large point of curiosity for babies. They have likely witnessed many people in the home going up and down them at various speeds and as soon as babies start to crawl, they often cannot resist the challenge of making their way up the stairs. Parents respond to this new development in several different ways.

Advantages of having a baby in the winter

People often assume summer is the best time to have a baby, and they may have a point, but there are also advantages to having a baby in the winter as well. So, if you are planning to get pregnant, or are expecting a baby in the winter, here are some things to consider. In winter, it’s cold, so perhaps there may not be so much motivation to get out and about with the baby. However, this is not always a bad thing. Getting out and about can be healthy for the mother and the baby to an extent, but in the early weeks of having a baby, it can be useful if the mother gives herself plenty of time to settle into being a new mum. If the mother is breastfeeding, she may find herself feeding almost all the time. This stage does not last forever, yet many new Continue Reading….

A high needs baby

There are some common questions you may have noticed as a new parent, from close friends and family, to complete strangers on the street. The number one question: “Is she a good baby?” It is odd no one ever asks “is she a bad baby?” even though the first question would imply that the second could be valid. But is there really such thing as a bad baby? People often soften the opposite of good by describing a baby as ‘difficult’ or ‘hard work.’ However, if the opposite of ‘good’ is ‘bad’, then that would still imply that if your baby isn’t good then there is some sort of problem either with your baby or your parenting.

Dads are special and have their own role

In this day and age, where women often have to prove they can do everything a man can do, there is also pressure on men when it comes to caring for a baby. There is a growing movement within feminism that recognises a woman’s unique role in caring for a baby while at the same time making plenty of room for the father to become involved and take responsibility as well. Crucially, he is seen as a father, not as a pseudo mother.

Being prepared when you go out with baby

It’s not always as straight forward as making sure your baby has the right clothes on when you go out and about, and if you’re a new parent there is no harm in reading a little advice from people who have had children and know what to expect.  This is why we’ve take the time to give you a few hints and tips when it comes to packing your baby changing bag.

10 ways to help your partner during pregnancy

There’s a lot more to making your partner more comfortable during her pregnancy than simply making her drinks and getting her to put her feet up a little, it extends into a whole set of other areas that some people wouldn’t have even thought of. There is a lot to consider for your partner when she is going through one of the biggest phases of her life. As the partner and father to be, you are the prime person who can comfort physically and emotionally. Check out these 10 steps that can really make difference to your relationship throughout the pregnancy.

The importance of the Play Pen for your Baby or Child

There are arguments for and against using play pens, but we’d like to posit the fact that they are of more use than they are detrimental.  The main argument against play pens is that they are restrictive and that they make your child feel enclosed; thus uncomfortable.  However, if you get the right play pen and use it correctly this is no longer an issue.  The bars or netting of a playpen needn’t be a prison; they can be a safe place to play at the right time.