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  • Sleeping with the enemy: Coping with allergies at night

    by Daniel Flatt

    March 06, 2012
    Help & Advice, News, Product Focus

    Allergies are common enough, and they present their fair share of problems, but probably the worst one of all is sleep deprivation.  Without sleep we will not operate well the next day and our systems will be significantly lowered, allowing more exposure to allergies.  It’s a vicious circle and a slippery slope into allergy hell if you can’t get a good night’s rest.

    Allergies can plague you more at night because you’re tired, but more often than not it’s due to the fact that you are resting, your body is flat and you are breathing more heavily.  People react to different things in different ways, but anything that affects your breathing is a serious problem and anything you can do to improve the air quality in the room you sleep is very important.  Asthma sufferers who are not correctly treated and who take no measures in their home to cut down on air pollutants can significantly reduce their effectiveness of their lungs over time; all the strain from coughing and wheezing can certainly take its toll.

    What can you do to get a good night sleep?

    If you want to beat the allergens and help yourself get a good night sleep there are several steps you can take.  Most of them however revolve around getting yourself an air purifier.  These are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who suffers with asthma or any allergies that affect the breathing.

    • Make sure your air purifier runs through the night
    • Make sure if you have to have your pets sleeping in the room that they do not sleep on your bed and they have a spot on the floor near the air purifier.
    • Check the filters on your air purifier regularly and remove any large pieces of hair etc so that you maintain the purifier’s effectiveness.
    • Don’t leave windows open.  If you are allergic to any outside contaminants you will only let them in by doing this; it’s really best to concentrate on making the indoor air as breathable as possible.
    • Clean dust regularly in the room in which you sleep.  Use a vacuum and a damp cloth to do this so that you don’t need to disturb the dust too much.
    • Consider getting rid of your carpets and having a laminate or wooden floor that can’t hold any potential threats.
    • George Smith | Posted on 3rd May 2012

      I’ve been an athmatic for many years and have been reading up about many different methods, so I can get a decent nights sleep. I have heard that using natural oils next to the bed works well, but could that also affect my allergies while sleeping?

    • Ed | Posted on 12th June 2012

      As with all allergies George it depends on whether you have an allergy to the natural oils.

    • Julie Chapman | Posted on 16th December 2012

      Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
      After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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