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CMS BabyCam Car Video Baby Monitor 3.5" Screen


CMS BabyCam Car Video Baby Monitor 3.5" Screen Zoom

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CMS BabyCam Car Video Baby Monitor 3.5" Screen

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A Product Description

Product Description

BabyCam Car has pushed the boundaries with modern day baby monitoring by tackling one of the biggest problems head on! When on long journeys with children or babies it becomes very dangerous to continuously monitor small children without taking your eyes of the road. With the BabyCam Car you can attach the wireless camera to any part of your car window with an extra strong suction cup to keep a watchful eye on your baby or young toddler.

As well as the unique camera the hand held parent device comes with its own suction cup ready to stick on the front windscreen exactly as a satnav would do without drawing your attention away from the road. The exceptional quality LCD screen enables you as a parent to see your child as a clear crisp image without any interference or disruption. Once you have finished the long drive you can quickly detach the camera from its suction cup and use it in any room up to 100m in distance. Along with this multifunction capability the BabyCam Car comes with "ultra-discreet" night vision using Infra-Red LED's hidden behind a cover attached to the front as not to scare your child but give you a clean crisp night time image instead.

Unique Features:

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Unique parent monitor fits in place of satnav
  • Interference Free
  • View Your Baby on the Back Seat
  • Exceptional Picture Quality with Night Vision Feature
  • Stay in Control of Your Vehicle and Stay Safe
  • Suitable for Use at Home (Home Charges Available Separately)

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