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Haberman Lovi Electronic Breast Pump


Haberman Lovi Electronic Breast Pump

  • Mimics natural suckling phases of the baby
  • Precise control of the variable suction power
  • Massage cushion for gentle and efficient expressing
  • Alarm clock and control of expressing time
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Memory function enables the pump to adjust and change to your natural rhythm
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Product Description

Product Description

<P><B>Haberman Lovi Electronic Breast Pump</B> is a very simple and easy to use pump which has adjustable suction power and memory functions so you can optimise your natural feeding cycles. The pump has two-phases of milk production the initial rapid suckling stimulates milk flow and the deeper, longer suckling associated with feeding.

<P>The pump can be used on the mains or can run off battery powered, Plus this electronic breast pump comes in a hygienic, stylish bag for use at home or out and about.

<P>It also has a massage cushion for comfort, gentle and efficient expressing helps to provide the best possible support for you during lactation. The Haberman Lovi Manual Breast Pump set includes Expressing collection combo kit, Bottle adapter kit, AC adapter kit, AC adapter, Parts for manual expressing, Case and Spare parts

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