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Heaven Fresh HF290 NaturoPure Air Purifier


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Heaven Fresh HF290 NaturoPure Air Purifier

  • 5 filtration and air purifying technologies
  • Filter removes 99.97% of particles from the air
  • Lamp removes any micro particles in the air
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A Product Description

Product Description

Heaven Fresh HF290 Features:

  • 5 levels of filtration and air purification
  • Activated Carbon pre-filter
  • HEPA filter built in
  • Germicidal UV lamp removes bacteria
  • Negative ionizer breaks up particulates
  • TiO2 Oxidation board breaks up organic pollutants
  • Easy to control menu
  • Easy to take apart and clean with automatic shut of

Heaven Fresh HF290 Ultra Violet Air Purifier uses multiple different technologies to clean and purifier the air around to give you a clean and healthy living environment. The HF290 has five specialist filtration and air purifying technology's, between them these five filters remove most airborne pollutants and particulates as well as bacteria and viruses.

The first level of filtration is the activated carbon filter, this removes all airborne particles such as dust, dirt and mold it also removes odours to freshen the air removing smells like smoke or pet dander.

The second filter is a HEPA air filter that acts as a second level of filtration for dust and air pollutants, this filter removes 99.97% of particles from the air that passes through it. The last level of filtration is the Germicidal UV lamp, this lamp removes any micro particles just as bacteria and flu viruses, creating a healthy home.

To clean the air as it passes through there is a negative ionizer and a TiO2 Photo catalytic oxidation board. The negative ionizer emits negatively charged ions to break up the air pollutants to make it easier for the two filters remove them they also improve the air quality around you.

The TiO2 board is activated by the UV lamp and releases oxidation particles to break down organi air pollutants. The air purifier has an easy to control settings menu you on the top for you to selected the optimum setting for you, its easy to clean and the HEPA filter will last up to 1 year while the carbon filter can  be cleaned for reuse.

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A Product Specification

Product Specification

BrandHeaven Fresh
Package dimension32 x 23 x 62 cm
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