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Product Description

iiamo warm is a disposable heater, warming the milk up to the recommended 37°C in about 4 minutes without the use of electricity. iiamo warm is nature's own little heating miracle containing only salt and water. The warming effect originates from the rehydration of dried salt, meaning that when the salt and water is mixed to saltwater, it releases energy. This simply leaves just saltwater heating your child's milk.

iiamo warm was made with an aim to use as little plastic as possible. In fact only 14g (plus salt and water), the weight corresponding to less than half of an empty ½ liter plastic bottle.  It is made of the plastic material polypropylene (PP) which is considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of plastic leaving only CO² and water after complete combustion, and contains no BPA.

It is important to note that the salt and water mixture in the iiamo warm cartridge has been based on the assumption that the milk has room temperature when filled into the bottle and that the Go bottle is filled with 170-180 ml. to achieve the 37°C in approximately 4 minutes.

It is also important to mention that the bottle must be shaken/reversed immediately after activation of the heating cartridge and a few times during the process to make sure that water and salt is properly mixed and the heat is evenly distributed. The cartridge will continue to generate heat in approximately 20 minutes and thus keep the milk warm if not immediately consumed by the baby.

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