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IndoWoods Yael Safety Gate 72.5- 89cm (Ext to 130cm)


IndoWoods Yael Safety Gate 72.5- 89cm (Ext to 130cm)

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A Product Description

Product Description

IndoWoods’ metal extending safety gate pressure fit easy close child gate is designed with a child’s safety the priority. The Yael is fitted with an easy close ‘slam shut’ feature for the door plus a unique built-in Twist XL extending feature. The Yael has the Twist XL feature which enables the gate to fit a wide range of openings from 72.5- 89cm. If needed the gate can be extended to up to 130cm with additional extenders.

The door section is opened, by pushing the sliding, thumb release and lifting the door. The door is closed, by pushing it firmly shut until it clicks into place. The door can be locked to open in one direction only or in both directions if required. There is a simple indicator on top of the handle to show when one direction is locked and in which direction the gate can be opened.

The gate is fitted by placing it in the opening required and screwing the four spindles in each corner of the gate outwards to press into the wall cups which should be attached to your wall or doorframe. The top spindles need to be tightened into the opening with sufficient pressure to bring the metal frame of the gate and the wood door section close together. This will then allow the door section to open and close correctly. The instructions manual supplied has a warning that the gate should NEVER be used without the wall fixings.

Key Features

  • Unique Twist XL system allows the gate to fit openings from 72.5 – 89cm (up to 130cm with additional extensions)
  • Pressure Fit - easy to install and use.
  • Easy close ‘slam shut’ door

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