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Luvion Prestige Touch 7" Quad Baby Monitor


Luvion Prestige Touch 7" Quad Baby Monitor

  • 7" LCD Full colour touch screen display
  • 100% Interference free with 350 meter range
  • Automatic night vision, voice activation (VOX)
  • 4 Cameras can be used with split screen

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A Product Description

Product Description

Luvion Prestige Touch 7" Quad Screen Premium Baby Monitor

With the phenomenal increase in the technology put into smart phones and tablet devices, there was no doubt that this sophisticated technology would trickle over into many other areas. One industry that has slowly been catching up is the Baby Monitor industry. Well, that day is finally here with the release of the "Luvion Prestige Touch Premium Digital Baby Monitor".

This baby monitor is truly at the top of its game and boasts a crystal clear 7" display, finally 100% interference free and many other features that will ensure your baby can be monitored where ever you are in the house, be it day or night time.

Luvion monitor is beautifully designed with a tablet like parent unit, the ability to have up to 4 cameras attached, up to 5m night vision and many more features. This baby monitor covers every single need you could ever want from a baby monitor. If you are looking for the top of the range monitor, this is it.

The biggest advantage about the Luvion Prestige Touch Monitor is not all of the features it can do, it is the fact it can do more than most baby monitors, at a lower price.

Buy yours today from Baby Security Whilst stocks last!!!

Full Details

  • Full 7" LCD touch colour screen
  • Audio only Function
  • 2-way talkback function
  • Room temperature display
  • Digital Zoom Function
  • 3 different Lullabies
  • Digital Full HD Sound and Images Quality
  • Can be Connected to your TV
  • Night Vision up to 5m
  • Can Connect up to 4 Cameras
  • Split Screen display to show all cameras at once on screen
  • Camera are self standing or wall mountable
  • Rechargeable Lithium batteries for monitor
  • VOX Function - monitor is activated when baby makes sound
  • LED lights will be displayed when sound is detected
  • Fully adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Out of range warning
  • Low battery indicator
  • Plug and play within 2 minutes
  • Luvion Extended distance up to 300m
  • 100% Interference free and secure connection
  • Additional Cameras available

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Luvion Prestige Touch Baby Monitor

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Customer Reviews

  • E Seaton says... Review…

    Very pleased with service and with product

  • Turkey P says... Fantastic service very please will use agai.

    Fantastic service very pleased

  • opus says... Excellent product speedily delivered

    Excellent product speedily delivered

  • Steve Cummings says... Excellent product at a very good price.

    Excellent product at a very good price.

  • Shauna says... Great product and fast delivery

    Great product and fast delivery, no complaints here and will use them again.

  • Elizabeth Carey says... Really useful alternative

    Really useful , it wasn't for child but for adult with dementia and had the advantage of no bar across the bottom to trip on and was out of site when not in use.

  • Angela Brown says... Amazing product great price and …

    Amazing product great price and excellent service thanks 😊

  • Nicola says... Easy to fit and does the job!

    Easy to fit and does the job! Great way to stop our clever toddler from electrocuting himself!

  • Claire LG says... great service

    great service

  • Anne Webb says... Very useful gadget.

    Extremely reliable service from this company, useful items dispatched very quickly.I will use them again.

  • Krisztina says... Everything is good and ni

    Everything is good and nice

  • Kayleigh Ennis says... Fantastic service

    Fantastic service, no complications and the car seat i bought is one of the best! thankyou!!

  • Mrs Glynis Marshall says... Excellent service very pleased with the …

    Excellent service very pleased with the company

  • Sadeea says... Great.!!

    Item just as described, quick delivery received it in 2days with free postage.!!! i would definitely order again and it is good value for money as this item was expensive everywhere else i have looked.

  • Vik says... Great product delivered on time as pro

    Great product delivered on time as promised

  • Callie says... Fast delivery, quality product

    Fast delivery and product as expected. Very happy and would use again

  • Dennis Foster says... Perfect pet gate and fast delivery

    Perfect pet gate and fast delivery - thank you

  • Corinne says... Mum to be very pleased

    The next to me crib sheets arrived quickly & look to be good quality but not used yet.

  • Nick says... Good value and fast delivery

    Good value and fast delivery

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A Product Specification

Product Specification

Package dimension25 x 11 x 30 cm
Weight2.948 kg
A/V OutYes
Expandable MemoryNo
Light ProjectorNo
Maximum Baby Units Supported4
Night LightNo
Out Of Range AlarmYes
Outdoor Range (Metres)350
Parent Unit IncludedYes
Portable Baby UnitYes
Portable Parent UnitYes
Screen Size (Inches)7
Split ScreenYes
Temperature DisplayYes
Touch ScreenYes
Two-Way TalkYes
Video Resolution1280 x 1024
Visual Noise IndicatorYes

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to all mothers...
perfect, easy to use...


Luvion Prestige Touch 7" Quad Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors out there. It has a good set of features and excellent quality. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a big screen multi-camera monitor with no interference and great signal range.


This was a gift, I am told it is great.


This was a gift, I am told it is great.


Overall impression:
Note I have written this after only a week’s use but I have been using the Luvion Platinum model for the last 3 years. [Still works perfectly, outstanding.]
Once again Luvion have produced a cracking product. Build quality feels good, imagery /Audio is good.
The menu system is easy to use [though I am used to it as I had the Platinum before this model.]
I personally do think this is the best Baby Monitor you can currently buy, [I guess this is one case where what you get is what you pay for.]
The large monitor is fantastic even without the ability to make the image twice as big at the touch of a button.
I have noticed one or two errors in the manual, the most noticeable one [but as it turns out a good error] is x2 video mode I DO get sound still [The manual claims you do not.] I like this very much.
This may depend on the F/W version/Country of the unit you get so it may not always be the case, but for me it was a massive plus as until you read the manual it doesn’t say in their adverts that there is no sound in x2 there is no technical reason why there should be no sound in this mode. I felt cheated as until I realised mine actually did have sound that was the only reason I moved up a model was to get a bigger image as my eye sight is going.
Also compared to previous models the OS is a little slow.
This is the top model so not sure why they took the record function away. Maybe the above is the reason, not a powerful enough processor in it.
It has enough options and settings to make it work the way YOU want it too, without being too complicated.
The big screen, touch controls and shear configurability are very commendable.

Conclusion: 8/10
I like this Baby Monitor a lot, it is built to a good quality level and attention to detail is very noticeable.
They have made positive useful changes in the way it operates over previous models/manufacturers.
Once again the price is a bit steep, but it is the best you are likely to buy, you will be blown away, definitely not disappointed.
The reason I’ve still given 8/10 is the cord length is still too short in my house, price and the fact they do not tell you there’s no sound in x2 mode until you’ve bought it and read the manual!
I am a technical and picky person, so if this impresses me I think anyone else will think it is absolutely fantastic.
I actually do not think they could bring out a better model now. [Unless they upgraded the video camera resolution and/or added Wi-Fi so you could remote monitor {not for a baby obviously}.]
Note: I am not in the Baby Monitor industry or connected to Luvion in any way. This is my opinion after using more than 10 products of this type for over 5 years.

Buy it, you will NOT be disappointed.

Below is a more in-depth review.

Image quality (Viewing on the supplied monitor):
In daylight the quality is good; colours are a little washed out.
I’ve tried more than 5 other camera systems.
Perceptionally I would say the image is not quite as crisp as the Platinum but that is down to a bigger monitor but no upgrade in actual technical resolution, that said it is still very good and best I’ve seen.
Even at dusk, it's still very usable but slightly poorer as you would expect.
In night vision mode (B/W) it is still clear and very usable. You can certainly see the subject clearly enough with detail.
Note: It works in complete darkness, outstanding.

Image quality (Viewing through a TV):
The image is grainy as you'd expect but still very usable and compensated for by the fact the subject is massive. (Depending how big your TV is, to be fair this is mentioned in the manual, so you do not think it’s faulty.)
To be honest with the new big monitor I do not think you need to use the TV out option on this model.

Audio quality:
Both the quality and the volume of the audio are very good.
The VOX function works well [now called Scan, odd as on the previous model the Scan button did something else!]
I like Luvion took my suggestion of giving you the option to have Audio on all the time. They even went one further and now have a sound and no video option [and mixtures of the two.]

Radio range/quality:
Once again it works great anywhere inside my house/grounds even with the aerial down!
If I go outside my property the best I can do is 100m away with the aerial up. (Camera transmitting through two walls.)
Once again being a digital and encoded transmission I have not noticed any change in my Telephone or Wi-Fi, so no cross interference, and they do not appear to interfere with the Baby Monitor either.

Temperature Monitor:
As noted in the manual the temperature can vary from the REAL room temperature by a couple of degrees but this is fine you are monitoring the room not the actual Baby.
It is easy to set the Temperature Alarm function to what ever you wish so knowing the above; it is absolutely fine and shows on screen so long as the display is on.

Battery life:
I have not tested the Battery life times one this model as it is really a stop gap measure, they are meant to be mains adaptor powered and that is how I use it as I run it for so many hours a day. I would image they are similar to the Platinum. That said if you wish to use battery you can. The Monitor has a large rechargeable battery and you can put AA’s in the Camera Unit.

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