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BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Bed Natural


BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Bed Natural

  • Perfectly adaptable to any bed
  • Stable, durable and easy to clean
  • Keep your baby at arms reach throughout the night
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A Product Description

Product Description

Babybay® is an ingenious cot solution that attaches to the side of any regular bed in a few easy steps so that your baby can sleep close to mum and dad. Many parents have no choice but to let baby sleep in a separate cot away from their own bed, requiring them to get out of bed to tend to them should they wake up in the middle of the night. This also means baby must cope with going to sleep without the comforting reassurance of being able to see mum and dad.

babybay bedside cot is a unique solution to this problem that allows baby to sleep right next to you, in full view and within close reach, without disturbing your normal sleeping habits and of course there is no risk of parent rolling over and squashing baby during the night. It is attached to the side of your own bed using metal fasteners and adjusts to any height, allowing an optimal co-sleeping arrangement without discomfort to either you or baby.

babybay bedside cot is also unique in its extreme versatility; with a minimum of effort it can be converted into a bassinet (i.e. traditional four-sided cot), playpen, highchair, travel cot, chair, bench, table, desk, or even handy shelving.

Advantages of the babybay include:

  • Perfectly adaptable to any bed
    babybay is easily height-adjustable and can be attached to any bed effortlessly and without the need for tools
  • Stable, durable and easy to clean
    babybay is made entirely from indigenous, solid beech – not cheap particle board. The robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability and the bars are strong enough to withstand significant loads – it couldn't be more secure
  • Easy to assemble
    babybay is handily packaged for easy, environmentally-friendly transport, and the simple instructions and included tools mean that assembly is child’s play – in less than five minutes your babybay is ready for use
  • Adaptable to a variety of uses
    As soon as your child is out of babyhood, the basic model can, with the help of various accessories, be easily transformed into nifty bedroom furniture – whether playpen, high chair, table, bench or desk, the choice is yours
  • Natural and environmentally friendly
    With the careful choice of sustainable materials, solid construction and real lacquered beech finishes, the babybay is completely natural and responsibly produced – a new tree is re-planted for every one cut down

Measures 86 x 79 x 46 cm and weighs 11 kg.


The height is 79 cm plus 5 cm for the roller casters = maximum height is 84 cm

To use safely the maximum height of the lying plate (base) can be 58 cm

To use safely there must be enough space to use the wooden bars (height 26 cm)


*Please Note Mattress Not Included. This is only the Co-Sleeping Unit*

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havent had a chance to use it yet as company sent wrong mattress but it looks good quality and sturdy.


Speedy delivery, sturdy cot, however it arrived without instructions or castors, and one of the holes had to be adapted as it was diagonal and not straight. Luckily a handyman was putting it together because I would have not been able to sort that out. Love the many options to turn it into later on.


It does, however, need the connectors.


It does, however, need the connectors.


This is an update to a review I did in February before my son arrived.

My son is now 3 months old and we have used the babybay since the day he came home. I can safely say despite initial fears it is worth every penny.

Breastfeeding at night was so much simpler - neither of us really have to wake up now to feed. I don't even have to pick him up if I am being really lazy, I can just roll over and offer him a feed.

In the early days of night time nappy accidents and frequent feeds it was so much easier as well. With a waterproof layer underneath and a spare blanket and sheet by the bed, plus his nappy changing kit - I could have him cleaned up and back in bed asleep without ever leaving bed!

I've travelled with him - and the one thing I have missed the most is this cot. The travel cot is such a polava, and it kills my back bending down for him three times a night! Sleeping in bed with us is no better - not only is he between me and my husband (so there go your hugs) I am constantly worried about smothering him or overheating. Also cute as it is, he loves to sleep as close to me as he can, so I end up sleeping on a sliver of bed.

None of this is a problem with the beside cot. Also you will wake up one morning to find him staring at you and stroking your face waiting for you to wake up... and that was lovely.