Babymoov Baby Twin Transmitter Bundle

Babymoov Baby Twin Transmitter Bundle

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Product Description

Product Description

Babymoov Baby Twin Monitor Transmitter Bundle is the first baby listening monitor which can operate with two transmitters at one time and it also transmits using a low emission frequency meaning the frequency waves incur the least amount of harm to your baby. The Digital Green uses a digital technology and has a wave emission of 2.99 mW. The Babymoov Green Babyphone Packed full of useful features, the Digital Green Baby Monitor is an outstanding piece of baby safety technology.

The Monitor has an astounding 800 metre range within an open space, meaning that you do not have to worry about not being able to communicate with your baby if you are out in the garden or in the opposite part of your house. The monitor also has a two way communication function which allows you to calm and comfort your little one, all without having to dash up to their nursery. There is the VOX function which means you can set the monitor to be either voice activated or on continuous transmission. Each of the transmitters will be connected to the parent unit. Transmitter 1 will have priority, however if crying is heard from the second transmitter, you will have a visual alarm on the parent unit which will appear as red dots flashing. The parent unit allows you to switch from one transmitter to another thanks to its Walkie talkie function.

The Audio Monitor has an adjustable volume on the receiver, along with an adjustable sensitivity of the microphone meaning you can set up the monitor just to your requirement. There is also a vibrate function that will help to alert you if your baby becomes unsettled and you have the volume off. Both the monitor and the transmitter have an LCD Digital screen, a battery life indicator in addition to the surrounding room temperature which is also clear on the display. There is also an automatic channel search function as well as a soothing Night Light to help comfort and soothe your little one off to sleep.

The Babymoov Monitor and transmitter is finished in a stylish black hard plastic and brushed aluminium. They are incredibly lightweight yet look sleek and stylish and will suit any home.
The baby unit includes a lithium rechargeable battery or mains operated if you prefer, whereas the parent unit takes 3 AAA batteries or mains power. For good measure and reassurance there is a 3 year guarantee

Includes    1x Babymoov Monitor - 2x Transmitter


Receiver Features




  • On/Off switch and vibrator
  • Volume control
  • Menu button
  • Baby answering control
  • Light diodes indicating sound level
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Baby Unit 1 indicator light
  • Baby Unit 2 indicator light
  • CC socket 
  • Vibration icon
  • EU plug
  • Speaker volume bar
  • Speaker mute icon
  • Baby's room temperature
  • Night light icon
  • Out of range icon

Transmitter Features

  • On/Off switch and nightlight
  • Microphone sensitivity control
  • Menu button
  • Volume control
  • Night light
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Temperature sensor
  • CC socket
  • Battery status indicator
  • Night light icon 
  • Transmit icon
  • BU number

Lifetime Warranty on all Babymoov products, please register at Terms and Conditions apply


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