BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor and Respisense Ditto Movement Monitor Bundle

BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor and Respisense Ditto Movement Monitor Bundle

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Product Description

Product Description

BabyPing Camera Monitor and  Respisense Ditto Movement Monitor Bundle is the perfect bundle to monitor your baby's movement, sound and breathing. 

Baby Ping
is a completely new type of baby monitor that syncs to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in just a few easy steps. This revolutionary baby monitor securely uses your existing router to connect to your iOS device either by ethernet cable or wirelessly, producing ground-breakingly high quality audio and video. Connecting Ping to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch extends the capability if those devices and makes baby monitoring and effortless, convenient and very flexible. If you need to use your device for something else there is no need to worry, BabyPing can work in the background offering instant alerts when your baby needs attention.

Monitoring your baby with Ping offers full digital audio sound, vibration alert and on-screen pop-up alerts to help you keep your baby safe. Simply download the FREE BabyPing App from the Apple iStore on to your preferred iOS device, connect BabyPing into a mains plug and your router and follow the quick, user friendly on-screen instructions.  BabyPing only takes a few minutes to set up without any need for a separate computer.


Respisense Ditto is a unique sensor baby monitor alarm that can be used anywhere your baby sleeps. Respisense attaches comfortably to your baby's nappy and will sound an alarm if it detects non-movement for an unsafe period of time. Ditto does not need to be attached to your baby's skin and you do not require Pads. Comes with replaceable battery.
This bundle is ideal for parents who want to take extra precaution that baby is safe and sound, buy now from Baby Security.

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