Babysense II Monitor Movement Sensor 2 Pads

Babysense II Monitor Movement Sensor 2 Pads

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Product Description

Product Description

Babysense ii Baby Movement Monitor  is a Medical Device. Nircom Babysense 2 is also the only Baby Heartbeat Monitor using 2 large sensors located under the mattress giving coverage of the entire sleeping and cot area with no contact with your baby.  Nircom Baby Heartbeat Monitor is similar to the Angelcare  except that it covers the entire cot.

Why Buy Babysense 2 Movement and Heartbeat Monitor?   Because it has been in use as a medical device for over 10 years in Private homes and Hospitals all over the world.  Tens of thousands of Nircom Babysense ll baby monitors have been used to date and has helped to save lives.

How Babysense ii Respiratory Monitor Works  Nircom Babysense 2 constantly senses and responds to baby's breathing and movement.  Breathing motions trigger the flash of a green light.  If baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or if the breathing rate drops below 10 breaths a minute, a loud alarm is sounded.  At this point parents should follow the procedures described in the included instructions.

  • Babysense ii Monitor alerts if infants breathing stops or is irregularly slow.
  • Babysense II is suitable for all infants from birth up to one year of age.
  • Two passive and sensitive sensors located under the mattress.
  • One sensor for newborn baby or hospital use.
  • Two sensors for crawling baby over three months old.
  • Babysense II Covers total crib area.
  • No contact with infant
  • Normal breathing and motion patterns trigger a flashing green light which can be seen clearly from a distance, giving you peace of mind.
  • Babysense II Operates on regular AA household batteries for safety and simplicity.
  • Fully portable.
  • New, compact, easy to use design.
  • Pads are suitable for Foam and Sprung Mattresses between 8 - 11 cm deep
  • Babysense II is the only household movement monitor to carry complete CE registration as a medical device and to comply with 93/42/EC Device Directive

The Babysense II baby  monitor's electrical consumption is very low thus 1 new set of branded Alkaline batteries such as Duracell should be good for 6 months. We do not recommend you use rechargeable batteries.

Please see the Product Videos tab to see a video on the Babysense II provided by Hisense.

For more information on Baby Monitor Options for Newborns see our Guide.


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Customer Reviews (11)
I originally bought angelcare and returned it immediately, the product lived up to its bad reviews. After searching for the sensor mats which are advertised on my Luvion Baby monitor website, these are the best on the market, value for money, no false alarms and totally lived up to their reviews. No matter how you test it, ie lift the baby but place your hand down instead, this alarm is only ever set off when there is no pulse available. I sleep with ultimate peace of mind.
Review by Carolanne (Posted on 05/06/2013)
Product is fab!!!
Would recommend to any/everyone
Very reliable and as yet have had no false alarms.

Review by Julie (Posted on 17/12/2012)
Excellent product. I have a very wriggly 5 month old who has just gone into his cot. I was getting no sleep worrying about him as he kept sleeping on his front face down! The two mats mean that I know the whole cot is monitored and it gives me extra peace of mind so I sleep much better.
Review by Felicity (Posted on 01/09/2012)
Excellent product. I have a very wriggly 5 month old who has just gone into his cot. I was getting no sleep worrying about him as he kept sleeping on his front face down! The two mats mean that I know the whole cot is monitored and it gives me extra peace of mind so I sleep much better.
Review by Felicity (Posted on 01/09/2012)
I will not be using it for few months as baby not due till June. Had one for my last baby and found it very reassuring
Review by Orla (Posted on 05/04/2012)
Review by Patrick (Posted on 02/08/2011)
So far, we've had the monitor for 2 weeks and no false alarms !! The mattress is 11" and it's working a treat
I would strongly recommend the monitor for peace of mind, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Review by Julie (Posted on 29/07/2011)
for my grandchild.. peace of mind.. good quality and delivered on time :)
Review by Linnane (Posted on 26/01/2011)
The only medically rated breathing sensor, easy to install, good price, arrived quickly and well packaged.
Review by Joanna (Posted on 11/11/2010)
Having read various reviews about monitors I was a little sceptical however having had a c-section this was the best bit of kit we could have had in our armour. I could literally lie in my bed and just watch the flashing light and know that our little one was fine! How many mothers get up in the night to check that their baby is breathing. This has been peace of mind from the moment we got our baby girl home.

If you read this article - don''t hesitate. We have had no false alarms. It may drive you mad if you forget to turn it off but 8 months in and we still use it and it gives me more peace of mind than anything else - this plus a BT monitor then you really are in business!

Pros: Best bit of kit for any new Mum!
Cons: None

Review by Customer (Posted on 29/03/2010)
Our baby was born at 32 weeks and weighed 2lb 15 oz. When we came home she only weighed 5lb 1oz this was very small.When putting her in her crib having the baby monitor attached gave us some piece of mind. Obviously we did not rely on the device 100% but we could of done. Our little girl lilly is now 3 years and 3 months and we have just taken it off her bed As she grew from cot to bed we still used the monitor because this gave us warning that she was out of bed. We were lucky the alarm only ever went off once due to her breathing. We wonder what would of been the out come if we did not have the babySense monitor.We recommend this monitor to every body who has babies and are worried about their breathing.

Pros: all i can say this product is excellent and gave us piece of mind.
Cons: There are not any that i could think of.

Review by Customer (Posted on 29/03/2010)

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