Bindaboo Retractable Stair Gate White F820

Bindaboo Retractable Stair Gate White F820

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  • Retractable stair gate to help prevent your child accessing areas of your house
  • This product is packaged in a Bindaboo box but is identical to the Dreambaby F820.
  • Retracts when not in use, 2 mounting brackets for multiple applications
  • Heavy duty mesh barrier, automatic locking system
  • No trip hazard, easy to install templates included
  • Fits gaps up to 12-140cm, suitable for children and pets

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Product Description

Product Description

Bindaboo Dreambaby Retractable Stair Gate is the perfect option for any door frame in your house. The Dreambaby safety guard helps to keep your baby or toddlers safe and also allows for quick and easy access when needed.

The retractable safety gate itself can fit any door frame or gap up to 140cm and anywhere in between, the gate comes with two sets of mounting brackets so you can also use the same gate in multiple locations throughout the house. The gate has multiple uses both inside and outside the house, its ideal as a pet barrier but sturdy enough to protect your children at the edge of high stairs.

To ensure the retractable gate poses no danger when not in use the Dreambaby safety gate can retract away and sit out of harm’s way without any risk of a trip hazard providing a walk through unlike conventional gates.

The Dreambaby F820 can be mounted both on the inside and on the outside of the frame making it suitable for most residential buildings.

Dreambaby have fitted the F820 with a locking system that enables you to either lock the retractable stair gate away or let it automatically lock as you close it to ensure it doesn’t retract back dangerously fast, there is also a loud ratchet sound when it is retracted to let you know it is being opened in case of tampering.


  • Strong fabric mesh to keep children safe 
  • Ideal as a pet barrier   
  • Mount on the inside or outside of door frame 
  • Supplied with two brackets for use in multiple locations around the house 
  • Retracts out of the way to provide clear walk through 
  • No trip hazard
  • Automatically locks in to place when closed
  • Ratchet noise when closed to let you know it’s being tampered with
  • Lock it away when not in use
  • Weather proof for use out doors
  • Suitable for any area in the house with a vertical flush mounting base.

A Product Specification

Product Specification

Weight1.746 kg
Barrier OnlyNo
Fixture TypeScrew
Height (cm)86
Maximum Width (cm)140
Minimum Width (cm)12
No TripYes
One Hand OpeningYes
Opening DirectionOne-Way

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