American Consumer Product Safety Commission tightens guidelines on cots

American regulations regarding cots have been tightened following a review. The new rules target manufacturers and retailers, meaning parents will be able to buy new cots, safe in the knowledge that they are as safe as can be. However, there are many second-hand cots out there that do not meet these guidelines.

Most people do not pay an enormous amount of attention to parenting news until they become parents themselves and even then, the first few months can see them rather preoccupied. If you are unaware of the reasons why some cots are considered safer than others, do not rely on a second-hand cot. Buy a new one as it will be guaranteed to meet UK safety standards.

Various different kinds are available, including co-sleeper cots. A co-sleeper cot will attach to your own bed, so that your baby is right nearby, but is also safe from being rolled on.

Your baby has their own space with a co-sleeper cot, but can easily be reached should they become distressed in the night. Use of one also allows a mother to breastfeed without having to get up. Furthermore, some types can be easily folded up and placed in a travel bag for transportation, allowing you to take the cot with you should you be going away.

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