South Australia cracks down on unsafe cots

The actions of the South Australia state government have emphasised the importance of buying cots that meet health and safety standards. The state’s consumer affairs minister, Gail Gago, has ordered an audit of all cots available for sale in response to the fact that 18 children have died in cot-related incidents in South Australia since 2000.

Gago said:

“When I first saw that figure of 18 deaths, I was astounded. I thought it must have been a national figure but it’s not.”

The message was backed up by SIDS and Kids acting state manager, Maurissa Ailion, who said that parents should always ensure that cots and mattresses met safety standards.

“A lot of the time it is about not knowing, and not knowing what questions should be asked.”

All new cots sold in the UK should conform to BSEN716. This assures you that the cot is deep enough and that the bars are the correct distance apart. Furthermore, the cot will not have decorative cut-outs or steps, which can pose a danger.

If you have doubts about a second-hand cot that you have inherited, it is far better to buy a replacement. Even if the second-hand cot does meet today’s safety standards, without knowing that for definite you will lack the benefit of complete peace of mind.

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