Baby safety leaflet produced for New York State health professionals

A coalition of organisations in New York State in the US has seen fit to produce a leaflet about baby safety which encourages health professionals to raise issues with parents before their baby is born.

The group of Monroe County health organisations are targeting breastfeeding, car seat safety, second-hand smoke and safe sleeping practices. Paediatricians ordinarily speak with parents about such matters, but this means the issues are only being raised once the child is born when discussion would be beneficial before then.

The brochure, titled Keeping Your Baby Healthy and Safe, emphasises the benefits of breastfeeding, describing how antibodies present in breast milk protect babies from infections and illness and how it also leads to a reduced risk of SIDS or asthma development.

The safe sleep section encourages parents to make use of safety approved cots and contains advice about proper sleeping position and other sleep safety issues, such as the presence of loose items in the cot.

The car seat safety advice is all about having the correct equipment, namely safety-approved child car seats appropriate for the age of the child, while the second-hand smoke information is focused on raising awareness of the dangers – how it can result in asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.

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