Review: Bebetel Bluetooth Long Range Baby Monitor

When looking to purchase a baby monitor, it is very common to see a range between 100 and 300 metres; now imagine the shock at finding a baby monitor with a range that is UNLIMITED.

The Bebetel Bluetooth Baby Monitor is that Baby Monitor. With the Bebetel Bluetooth, it is possible to monitor your child from ANYWHERE in the world. Utilising mobile phone signals, you can be alerted whenever there are problems in the nursery.


When you first receive your Bebetel Bluetooth, you are only a couple of steps away from limitless baby monitoring. As the name suggests, the Bebetel Bluetooth is connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone (which is left near the Bebetel unit), then whenever there is a noise in your child’s room, the Bebetel will dial out on the mobile phone, to whatever number you tell it to call. It really is that simple! As the Bebetel utilises the connection the paired mobile phone has to the mobile network, the connection is as strong as your phone signal.

Bebetel Bluetooth is also loaded with features; like many of the best Baby Monitors available currently, you are able to talk to your child whilst on your way to their room to comfort them. Bebetel have taken this one step further however, in that you can ‘call’ the Bebetel Bluetooth, allowing you to initiate contact with your child, and check to make sure they are ok. This unique feature extends the life of the monitor beyond when your baby is still very young. Older children can reach you at any time by simply pressing any button on the front of the Bebetel Bluetooth.

Designed by Swiss Electronics Specialists Bebetel, the Bebetel Bluetooth utilises the latest technology to provide a link between you and your child. The simplistic design of the Bluetooth Baby Monitor makes it very intuitive to use, with only a couple of buttons providing a number of versatile features. Manufactured to comply with all CE regulations, Bebetel Bluetooth has been tested to ensure it meets with the highest standards of design and production.

Bebetel Bluetooth is ideal for holidays, where it can either be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, or to a hotel’s internal telephone system with the included wire. With peace of mind, parents are left free to go to the hotel bar for a drink or use the other facilities. These functions can also be put to use at home, if you are having a barbecue or simply enjoying an evening in the garden.

Due to its unique transmission method, using telephone systems rather than traditional Baby Monitor transmission techniques; Bebetel Bluetooth goes beyond the basic limitations of the baby monitors of old. Gone are the days where parents were forced to stay within a certain distance of their children; limiting their use of their own garden and home. With Bebetel Bluetooth parents are free to enjoy themselves at home, on holiday, wherever they may be; safe in the knowledge that their child is safe and can reach them whenever they wish.

Bebetel Bluetooth is truly a revolutionary product in the Baby Monitor market. Using new and growing technologies, Bebetel have re-invented the Baby Monitor, removing the possibility for a small transmission range and its side effects, and replacing it with limitless baby monitoring, and a new freedom for parents.

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(Please note Baby Monitors are not a replacement for responsible parenting, and babies should be constantly monitored in person to ensure their safety)

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