The Best Co-Sleeping Cots in 2020

You need a co-sleeping cot but are unsure about which one to choose because they all look pretty similar? Don’t worry, that happens often. For that reason today at BabySecurity we will guide you through the best co-sleeping cots in 2020 and which one could suit you and your little one best.

First things first, why should you get a co-sleeping cot at all? Well, this type of cribs are beneficial for two main reasons essentially:

  1. You can stay close to your baby while you sleep. Although the natural instinct is being as close to your baby as possible, you probably know that it is not the best thing to do. But thanks to the co-sleeping cots, you will be able to safely keep your little one next to you.
  2. They save some space in your bedroom. Unlike other cribs, the co-sleeping cots are smaller and the fact that they are next to the bed make them obviously helps you save a little of space in your bedroom. Nevertheless, also consider that being smaller-sized, your baby might outgrow the co-sleeping cot quicker than other kinds of cribs.

If you’re still unsure if a co-sleeper cot is right for your read our article on co-sleeping. And if you think that a co-sleeping crib is actually not the best for you, then go and have a look at our best tips to choose a stand alone cot.

How to choose a co-sleeping cot:

How to choose a co-sleeping cot:

  1. Choose a co-sleeping cot that fits the height of your bed.

    When you’re choosing a co-sleeper cot it’s crucial that you get one that’s adjustable to the same height as your bed, and that it actually fits your bed. Some will fit bed framed beds, rather than divan style beds, so make sure they are compatible.
    Also, make sure there is no gap between your baby’s mattress and your own, and that the crib can be securely attached to your bed.

  2. Consider if you will need to move around your cot or not.

    Co-sleeping cots are not easy to attach and detach. So if you plan to move the crib around, you might want to go for a regular cot bed, rather than a bedside crib.

  3. Easy to clean or easy to move?

    Here you can basically go for wood or fabric. The later ones are more bump proof and sturdy, but if they get stained, marks are more difficult to wipe out. On the other hand, wood bedside cribs are easier to clean. You just wipe the frame and throw the bedding and mattress into the washing machine.

Best co-sleeping cots in 2020

Now that you have in mind a few tips to choose the right side sleeping crib for you, let’s see what the best co-sleeping cots in 2020 are, according to our experts at BabySecurity.

1. Chicco Next2Me Magic Sleeptime Bundle – White Snow

Chicco Next2Me Magic Sleeptime Bundle – White Snow
Chicco Next2Me Magic Sleeptime Bundle – White Snow
CHILD AGE0 Months +

This is our absolute favourite in 2020 and this is backed up by the fact that it comes from the new award winning range Chicco Next2Me design.

Next2Me have been market leaders for years, which some new features being included over time in the different models, like the one we show today.

It features a one-hand sliding side panel makes it easier to reach your little one and a rocking mechanism that operates on its own.

You will be able to adjust it easily to your bed, thanks to its 11 height levels and versatile legs.

It provides extra ventilation through its 3D mesh mattress cover and two mesh side windows give extra ventilation.

It is worth mentioning that this co-sleeping cot comes with a travel bag for your family trips and a safety harness kit.

At BabySecurity, we offer this crib a bundle that includes Next2Me Magic, Next2Stars Projector, Next2Me Fitted Sheets, Boppy Pillow and Vibration Box, so you don’t have to worry aboyut anything else, and of course, great value for money.

2. Maxi-Cosi Iora Co-Sleeper – Essential Graphite

Maxi-Cosi Iora Co-Sleeper – Essential Graphite
COLOURSDark Grey, Light Grey, Blue
CHILD AGE0 Months +

The Iora Co Sleeper by Maxi Cosi is another top seller when it comes to bedside cribs. A comfortable but elegant co-sleeping cot this one will make your life easier. Mattress is included in this model and has a mesh window. It comes in three colours: blue, light grey and dark grey. The top benefits of this crib are the fact that it is convertible to a standalone crib and has storage room.

After using it as a co-sleeping cot when you child is a newborn baby, when your they reach a larger size, you can use Iora’s as a standalone cot or Moses basket as well. With a 5 height-adjuster positions, and a co-sleeping slide function, Iora is compatible with any bed. It is also travel-friendly as it can be folded down easily and placed in the travel bag that it comes with.

Apart from the drop side, the super useful under-cot storage basket of this crib will help you have all of your essentials are to hand at any time.

3. BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Aerial – Natural

BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Aerial – Natural
BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Aerial – Natural
CHILD AGE0 Months +

The BabyBay Co-Sleeping Cot Aerial – Natural is easily adaptable to any bed, is its biggest asset.

It can be height-adjusted and you need no tools to install it. Actually, it takes 5 minutes to assemble.

Thirdly, being made of wood, it is stable, durable and easy to clean. In fact, BabyBay is made entirely from indigenous, solid beech with a robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability.

This model is done to ensure. It is suitable for use since birth, and as soon as your baby grows into a toddler or child, this co-sleeping cot can be easily transformed into stylish bedroom furniture.

4. Unilove Hug Me Plus Bedside Crib – Plum Pink

Unilove Hug Me Plus Bedside Crib – Plum Pink
Unilove Hug Me Plus Bedside Crib – Plum Pink
CHILD AGE0 Months +

This lovely and beautiful co-sleeping cot is also lightweight and comes with a protective mesh mat.

This bedside crib is the ideal solution for co-sleeping while adding a nice touch to your bedroom. It has a unique design that features a mesh mosquito net and comes in two colours: pink and grey.

As practical as pretty, Unilove’s co-sleeping cot allows adjustable height which ensures it will sit at the correct height for your bed.

Another differentiation features is that it can be adjusted to allow a slight incline, ideal for babies with reflux. It can also be used as a standalone, Moses basket crib or travel crib. The Hug Me Plus crib comes complete with mesh side panels to allow adequate air flow and a comfortable mattress for your little one.

5. Joie Kubbie Sleep Compact Travel Cot – Foggy Grey

CHILD AGE0 Months +
CHILD WEIGHTBirth – 15kg

Convenience is the word that best describes this Joie side sleeping cot.

It is compact and can be easily stored in small places. It supports a larger weight than other cribs –up to 15kg. Also, despite being made on a mesh material is easy to clean, with wipeable fabrics.

Nevertheless, what our experts like the most about this increadibly convenient crib is that it provides with some extra room on the bottom. Once your baby is bigger, you can remove the bassinette entirely and you will get a travel cot.

Finally, it comes with a removable crib mattress, so one less thing to think about!

These are the top 5 co-sleeping cots that you will most likely come across when you shop around for cribs. These are based both on the differentiating features of each of them and also based on our customer reviews. At the end of the day, parents are the best to tell which work best.

Have a look at our whole range of co-sleeping cribs to see all the products available.

Here is an illustrative video featuring the Maxi Cosi Iora Co-Sleeper as an example of a co sleeping solution:

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