What are the best infant car seats in 2020 and why?

At BabySecurity we know that some parents can struggle when it comes to choosing the right car seat for their child. This is why we have come up with the ultimate selection of the best infant car seats in 2020.

Car seats are required by law, and you will not be able to be discharged from hospital if you do not own one to get your little one home by car. So basically you will need it right from the start of travelling with your baby by car.

Choosing the right infant car seat is probably one of the most important decisions to make when it comes to newborn equipment. But there are so many groups and categories that is not especially easy to figure out which one to pick. That is why in today’s article we shortlist and review the best infant car seats in the market in 2020.

If you need information about car seat groups, don’t miss our article that explains the different groups and what you need to know about them.

What is an infant baby car seat?

Generally speaking, an infant car seat is a seat made specifically younger babies. These seats always face the rear of the car and are used from day one until your baby reaches the seat’s maximum height or weight limit.

Normally you move your child from an infant car seat to a baby car set when they get to 22-35 pounds. But this may vary from one seat to another. As a rule of thumb, babies outgrow their infant seat when they are 1 year old, on average.

Opposite to other car seats for older children, infant car seats are always attached to a base. You leave the car seat installed in the car at all times and it is the actual seat that you move around.

Convertible car seats:

If you buy a convertible car seat, it means that you will be able to transform it from rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers to forward-facing seats for older children. Nevertheless, the child will eventually outgrow them when they weight about 65 pounds.

The down side of convertible car seats is that, when used as infant car seats, they tend to be pretty heavy and more difficult to pop in and out of the car. But if you are not planning to travel with your newborn too much they might be still a good option, as you will be able to use them for longer.

Booster car seats:

Booster car seats are placed under the car seat to get your child higher in the car seat. This way, they can use a regular belt, making sure their lap and shoulders are at the right position to be held by the belts. Children must be at least four years old and weigh at least 40 pounds to use them.

i-Size seats:

i-Size seats follow a European safety regulation in which the child’s height is the base for the fitting. With i-Size seats, babies are rearward-facing until they are 15-months-old.

They have also had side-impact testing. Isofix means that seats are not installed with the car’s three-point seat belt. What they use instead is a more secure fit by slotting into Isofix anchorage points built into all new cars. With I-Size car seats you will need to check a seat is compatible with your vehicle before you buy. 

What are the best car seats in 2020?

Our team of experts at BabySecurity have chosen their top 5 car seats and they explain why they think they are the best.

1. Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus i-Size Group 0+ Car Seat

This Car Seat is suitable for your baby from birth until they reach 75cm, in compliance with the new i-Size (R129) legislation. Nevertheless, you should use it in conjunction with the axi-Cosi 2WayFix Base (sold separately) or via 3-point vehicle seat belt.

Comfortable baby-hug inlay offers extra protection and support. Can be installed with ISOFIX Base (sold separately) or via 3-point vehicle seat belt. It is a

facing travel providing increased support for the head and neck. One of its unique features is that is made of a new technology high impact absorbing material within the side wings

Also, it features one pull harness system for adjusting harness length and tightness. The stay-open harness allows you to place your child in the seat in no time.

Why we love it?

We love it because it is super simple to use and very efficient. To ensure your little one stays comfortable in their car seat as they grow, the harness and headhugger easily adjusts together. In addition to this, the comfortable baby-hug inlay offers extra protection and support throughout the early months and beyond. For simplicity when seating your little one, the harness automatically stays open as well as featuring a hook retainer to keep the harness straps out of the way; allowing you to fasten your baby safely and securely into their car seat.

2. Joie i-Spin 360 i-Size Group 0+/1

This cutting-edge car seat was the winner of the Gold Medal at Mother&Baby Award Winners 2020 for Best Rear Facing Car Seat. The Joie i-Spin 360 is an i-size seat that can be used as an extended rear facing car seat, meaning your little one will be rear facing from birth to 105cm which is considered to be the safest way for your little one to travel.

Why we love it?

Well, the Joie i-Spin is a as flexible as a car seat can be! As well as the 360° rotating seat, there are 6 different recline modes, all of which can be adjusted without re-installing the seat. Then there is the Grow Together headrest and harness. To use it, you just simply lift the headrest and the harness extends too, threading and re-threading and when you pull the strap to tighten, the easy one pull motion puts the headrest in the correct place when the harness is tight.

3. Recaro Zero.1 Elite i-Size Car Seat

The Recaro Zero.1 Elite i-Size Car Seat is anInnovative i-Size Car Seat that doubles as an infant carrier and a child car seat. The removable infant carrier can be used with Recaro EasyLife Stroller.

Why we love it?

Safety and security are at the heart of this Car Seat. Triple side impact protection thanks to the combination of the carrier, the seat structure and the fold-out wings.

The internal seat structure and the fold out wings to provide additional support. In addition to this, the HERO safety system on the 5-point harness will prevent belts from slipping or twisting and makes buckling your child into their seat easy.

Extended rearward facing travel up to 105cm allows your child to remain in the safest position. The 360 degree rotational seat allows you to get your child in and out of the car seat easily. Finally it has an easy ISOFIX installation with colour coded indicators to ensure a safe and secure fit within your car.

4. Ickle Bubba Solar Group 1/2/3 Car Seat with ISOFIX Base

The Ickle Bubba Solar Group 1/2/3 was the Mother&Baby Award Winners 2019 Gold medal for Best Forward Facing Car Seat.

This car seat is suitable from 9kg – 36kg. It should be suitable for your child from 9 months old to 12 years. It comes in with built in ISOFIX connections for easy installation and it can also seat belt compatible. The 3 recline positions: upright, mid-recline and full recline is also worth mentioning. Also a 5-point safety harness & magnetic buckle retainer, a reversible headrest cushion, seat cushion and buckle pad.

From a design perspective, its luxury stay-cool fabric will keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Why we love it?

Well, apart from being a laureate product, we think it should be on our Top 5 because it grows as your child grows, has a built-in ISOFIX connectivity for easy installation and specially because it will be the only product that you will need from 9 months to 12 years.

5. Recaro Young Sport Hero Group 123 Car Seat

The Recaro Young Sport Hero Group grows along with your child, for a safe ride from 9 months up to 12 years of age. It features advanced side protection through energy absorbers that reduce the forces of a side impact.

HERO safety system prevents belts from slipping or twisting and makes buckling up easy

Universal installation with the car’s 3-point belt (Group I-III) and integrated 5-point belt for additional safety (Group I).

Why we love it?

The Recaro Young Sport Hero Group was Silver Medal at the Mother&Baby Award Winners 2020. But on top of this, real mums and dads love it as it easily fits into the car and will be the only car seat you will need from 9 months old to 12 years. So great value for money as well!

If you still want more options, here is a selection of the most popular products at BabySecurity that you might find useful:

Car Seat Shopping Guide:

To finish off, here are some factors to take into consideration when choosing an infant car seat:

Safety: When it comes to safety testing, car seats in the UK have to conform to one of two standards, either the ECE R44 regulation (weight based) or the ECE R129 one (height based). The later is a newer European regulation.

Size: Make sure the car seat you intend to buy fits in your car. Car seats range in size and shape and some are a better fit for larger or smaller cars.  

Installation: Many car seats can be installed using the regular seat belt or the LATCH system, which is an easier way to secure the car seat using built-in anchors and tethers.  

Materials: Apart from the design, where you will find endless options, think about the durability and how easy are to wash the fabrics used.

After these recommendations and going through our top 5, you should be able to choose with confidence the best infant car seats for you. Also, have a look at our Car Seats section for more ideas on designs and models.

You might also find useful to learn more about how to travel in a car with your baby safely.

At BabySecurity we offer a selection of the best car seats on market at affordable prices and a dedicated customer service team that will help you in case you need some assistance. We are proud to be the most trusted online retailer in baby security products in the UK.

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