Callowesse Safety Gates Review – worth the hype?

Callowesse Safety Gates, especially the retractable and the extra tall ones have been a new player into the market and now are outranking other traditional brands. But why are they different? Is it really worth the hype, or are all stair gates brands basically the same? Today we review Callowesse Safety Gates.

Callowesse Safety Gates

The brand actually manufactures a whole range of products related to baby safety, not only gates. Callowesse do as well mattresses, changing mats and they will be releasing soon their own brand of baby monitors, introducing cutting-edge technology systems.

Nevertheless the brand is mostly known for its safety gates for babies and pets, offering some models that adjust to the less conventional stair gate angles, banisters and narrow or too wide spaces. The brand’s intention was to cover all possible needs of stair gates and baby gates for different home structures. According to them, they actively listened to customers’ specific needs for stair gates in the UK and come up with bespoke solutions.

Extra Tall Gates

An example of this is their extra tall pet gates. There has been consistently over recent years a high demand on the market for tall gates, coming from pet owners for whom standard pet gates did not really do the job.

That is when they created the Extra Tall Pet Gate. It covers widths of 75 to 82 cm. There is a gate extension available for it to add up to 7 cm wide more. But the cool thing is that is 110 cm tall, outranking any other in the market. This way big dogs owners were able to find something that really kept their fluffy friends away from certain areas of the house.

This is a pressure fit gate, which means you don’t have to drill the wall to install it. Super easy installation. You simply push the gate to open and closes after you hand free. They also make another tall gate which is 96 cm high, the Saluki and Narrow Pet Gate, slightly shorter. Also comes with extensions.

Retractable Gates

Another popular product of Callowesse is their range of retractable gates. The model Air Retractable Stair Gate is a best-selling one at our range of retractable safety ands and mesh gates on the market in general. It comes in two colours: white and grey.

They are so popular basically because the roll away system is super convenient to use, as it glides back smoothly. And when you are opening and closing those gates around one hundred times a day, you appreciate those little details. It is quite when retracting, you simply clip of the gate.

But of course, another reason why customers find it so popular is because of its small price tag. Callowesse uses top technology and they really put the quality into the details but they don’t do a big fuss about it, which is the reason why they can keep their prices low.

Other than these, they have other popular products like the Kemble gate, the Carusi (a super narrow safety gate) and the Freedom models. All of them with different sizes and colour variations.

Our review on Callowesse Gates

After benchmarking and reviewing Callowesse gates with other models in the market, we can see that they are really good at designing things that apply to specific needs. The fact that they supply with extensions and gate spaces and other accessories for their gates shows that they cover all spacing needs. So a good option if you have a strangely-sized stair case or if the standard pet gates are not enough for your tall dog.

We specially recommend the Tall and Extra Tall Pet Gates and their Retractable Gates.

Another things we have observed is that Callowesse is able to keep their prices low while keeping quality top of range. It might be because they are not investing a whole lot of money in marketing, but whatever the reason, we believe this is good news for customers anyway.

Lastly, we have to say that we like the fact that Callowesse is a 100% British brand, which means it is a local business you would be supporting. Plus, their customer service is close to you and that makes things way easier also for the shipping.

All in all, at BabySecurity we believe this Callowesse is a total go, especially when it comes to stair gates and baby gates. They listen to their customers and try to put products in the market to make their lives easier. Callowesse provides quality products to suit a customer’s lifestyle at affordable prices.

We hope this Callowesse safety gates review has been helpful. You can have a look at Callowesse products here at BabySecurity, or shop all the brands that retail safety gates.

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