“..Shall I put the Fire on?” A discussion of the options when purchasing Fireguards

As the nights start to draw in alarmingly quickly (did anyone else seem to blink and miss out on the long August evenings?), the temperatures are dropping and it’s time to start thinking about changing the central heating, and for some of us, time to start preparing the fireplace.

For those of us with children, fireguards are an absolute necessity. A fireplace should never be lit without a fire where there are children or pets in the home. Children will find the licking flames enchanting, without understanding just how dangerous they are. Pets will love the warmth, and will lie as close as possible to the fire, again without understanding the threat that fires pose to them. Fireguards create a barrier to protect your children, pets, and yourselves, from any threat.

We can all remember the fireguards that were available and popular when we were children, wire mesh grates that surrounded the fireplace, and were folded up and put in the attic as soon as the first daffodils of spring popped up. This type is still available, and very popular. Some manufacturers like Clippasafe and Lindam have moved on from the classic wire-mesh box look, and have added charming details, like a domed mesh top that brings a classic and vintage look to any living room. These are also fairly cheap and perform the task as well as any from our childhoods. And just like those fireguards of old, they are easily folded down and packed away when not required.

BabyDan have gone one further than the other fireguard manufacturers, utilising the same system they pioneered for their bestselling BabyDan Configure Gates, to create a 5-panel fireguard system called the BabyDan Hearth Gate. BabyDan Hearth Gate attaches to the walls at either end, and is comprises of five 60cm panels that can be fixed at any angle to one another. BabyDan Hearth Gate allows you to adjust the position of each panel to create a safe zone around your fire, as large or small as you see fit. It is also possible to purchase additional panels to extend and expand the BabyDan Hearth Gate, to measure up to 900cm in length! In any home, thats quite quite some fireguard! The centre panel of the BabyDan Hearth Gate is an easy to use gate; allowing access to the fireplace for adults.

One of the best points of the BabyDan Hearth Gate is the sheer flexibility of it. BabyDan Hearth Gate can be used in so many ways other than just a fire guard. By removing or adding panels it can be transformed in seconds in to a Stair Safety Gate, Room Divider, or even a Baby Playpen. Having a fireguard that can become so much more to you than a just fireguard is a value that cannot be ignored, and makes the BabyDan Hearth Gate useful all year round.

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Review: Pet Safety Gates

A relative newcomer to the world of the Safety Gate is the Pet Gate. Not so long ago, it was not possible to buy a Pet Safety Gate, however at BabySecurity we took many calls asking if such a thing was available.

At the time the range was limited at best, we often suggested customers should purchase a Safety Gate from the limited Tall Safety Gates available.

The main feature of the Pet Gate that sets it apart from standard Baby Safety Gates, is additional height. Most Baby Stair Gates stand approximately 70-80cm tall. Pet Gates measure in at around the 100-110cm mark, offering almost 50% greater height than other Safety Gates. This additional height makes them a difficult obstacle for most household pets.

Many pet owners find themselves in a situation where, for one reason or another, they would like to restrict the movement of their pets through their home. For example they prefer to have their dog kept out of the kitchen whilst cooking, Pet Gates are ideal for this.

It would appear that the manufacturers of Stair Gates listened to the consuming public, and now there are now EIGHT pet safety gates available from BabySecurity; from reputable manufacturers like BabyDan and Bettacare. Made to the same high standards as Baby Safety Gates, Pet Gates are just as easy to install and use, and often come with additional features unique to Pet Gates.

Bettacare manufacture a Pressure Fit Dog Gate with an integrated lockable cat flap; this great addition makes it even easier to use in a home with more than one pet. It is worth noting that despite the Pet Gates effectiveness in restricting the movements of larger pets around the home, the more athletic cats may not have a problem with vaulting over them, even at their considerable height.

Emmay produce a range of Extra Tall, Extra Wide Safety Gates, that are available in both black or white; suitable for almost any home. With the use of extensions, Emmay Stair Gates can be even be extended up to 162cm; big enough for almost any application.

While Emmay provide a range of Pet Gates for larger widths of openings, BabyDan have realised that even people in smaller homes have pets that can be a little too adventurous for their liking, and have designed a Pet Safety Gate that is suitable for use in narrow openings, from 63cm and upwards. With an extremely easy to use design, the BabyDan Streamline Pet Gate is a subtle and unobtrusive design that will match the decor in any home. BabyDan Streamline also has bars that are designed to be a very narrow distance apart, making it harder for cats to be able to sneak between them. In one customer review, a lady mentioned that her cat had developed a habit of trying to jump in the moses basket with her 18-day-old baby, and the BabyDan Streamline had proved the perfect foil to the over adventurous feline; leaving it unable to enter the room where the baby was sleeping.

With the growing range of Pet Safety Gates available to purchase today from BabySecurity, there is one for every home, pet and budget!

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Keeping Your Child Safe in the Sun…

When travelling with your child, it is always a high priority to keep your child safe, and comfortable whilst in strange environments. The best ways to achieve this are with specially designed, lightweight travel cots. A number of leading brands such as Little Life, NScessity, and Samsonite produce a range of these baby travel cots that can be erected in seconds, and give your baby a safe, cosy environment no matter where they are in the world.

The Sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to your child, and portable UV Travel Tents from NScessity and Samsonite are a great way to keep your baby safe on the beach, around the pool, or even in the garden at home. UV Tents come in a range of colours, sizes and styles which can be erected in seconds, leaving you free to enjoy quality time with your child. Manufactured from lightweight SPF rated fabrics, they provide a shady haven for your little one from the Sun’s rays and designed with ease of use in mind, UV Travel Tents offer almost instant protection for your child.

Some of the UV Travels Tents currently available can be utilised as a travel cot, making them ideal for naptimes when you are on the go. With in-built mesh panels, UV travel tents allow a cool breeze to flow through, keeping your child cool, whilst still in the shade. The mesh panels in UV Tents are specifically designed to be insect-proof, meaning that whilst in their UV Travel Tent, your child is protected from the native creepy-crawlies.

Many UV Travel Tents are very versatile, offering a number of uses, making them a very economical purchase. Easily stowed away for use in the sun on holiday, they can also be utilised as a travel cot for naptimes and weekends away, when you get home they can also be quickly popped up in the garden making a great play tent or den for your children.

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Child Safety Window Guards and other window protectors

Window guards are used to prevent toddlers and young children from falling out of window. They are basically a set of bars installed on your window and fixed there. Nevertheless, they are normally an investment and require technical installation. This is why it is worth it to look for other alternatives as window protectors. For example, many parents prefer to use window locks or sash jammers.

Window Guards

An adult opening window means fresh air and normally there is no problem because many windows, especially double glazed ones, do not normally open wide enough to be a threat to adults. However babies, infant and toddlers will be curious and could endanger themselves by climbing through the gap.

This is why sometimes the first thing that comes to our mind is the use of window guards. But the truth is that most of the times, other devices provide with enough protection are easier to install.

Child Window Guards are custom-made to order and the manufacturer/Installer will contact you before manufacturing your child safety window guard. They will discuss the requirements for your window and advise you of any special requirements. Only then will your window guard be manufactured and shipped to you ready for installation. All this, and the Window Safety Barrier starts from over £100, a more expensive alternative when compared to other security devices such as window locks.

Child Safety Window Guards are intended for internal use in your home. They can however be fitted externally if desired. When the manufacturer contacts you to discuss your Window Guard, you can request a suitable paint finish, which will be weather- and rust-proof.

Window Locks

BabySecurity now stock a new range of Window Locks within its Baby Proofing selection of products, a great new product for babyproofing your home. An innovative product, window locks fulfil a very important need in your home, as they prevent the child from opening a window by accident.

The very affordable Clippasafe Premium Window Lock is one of our best selling window locks at BabySecurity.

Sash Jammers

Another option to keep your little one safe is sash jammers. They are a fantastic way to make your double glazed windows more secure. Sash jammers are effective as an additional security measure. They are basically an item that can be fitted to uPVC windows and be used as a child safety device. You just need to fit your sash jammer screwed to the window or door and the arm of the sash jammer is turned to catch the sash or the frame of the window so that your little one does not open it.

Suitable for small children, the window loacks and sash jammers are installed to provide child protection and they can be removed quickly and easily in the case of fire. For more information see this letter from the Fire Service.

As an additional note, it is also worth noting that as all newly installed windows are required by law to have opening panes wide enough to allow escape in the event of fire, the Child Window Guard is perfect for this purpose due to its easy removal in an emergency.

Window Restrictors

Lastly, Window Restrictors are also a great way to prevent your child from opening windows.

Both Window Locks, Window Restrictors and sash jammers can be ordered from BabySecurity, and delivery within the UK will normally take place within 2 to 3 days.

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