How a baby can endanger themselves once they can stand

When preparing for the arrival of a baby, you may start to see danger everywhere. There will then be a second wave at the point at which they learn to crawl and another once they can stand. At each stage, more objects become accessible and the dangers multiply.

The stairs are an obvious danger, whether your child is crawling or walking. A stairgate is a must and you may want more than one to block off particular rooms as well. Once your baby can stand, it is even more important to ensure the solidity of the stairgate, however, as they can exert more force. A screw-fitted stairgate is best for the top of the stairs for this reason and also because it will lack the trip bar that is a feature of pressure fitted gates.

Nevertheless, there are other pressure mounted gates in the market that can do the job, and are perfect for rented properties. One of the top retailers in the safety gates industry, Callowesse, has just launched a new design that is extra tall, perfect for preventing your big dog or pet accessing into certain areas of the house. This is the Callowesse Pet Dog Extra Tall 75-82 cm and 110 cm high, which can also be extendable if needed. An absolute best seller, and we don’t wonder why.

If what you need is a retractable gate, then go for sure to the Dreambaby Retractable Gate. Is is already a classic, as it is simple to install and has a nice design in mesh (different colours available).

A standing child can also pull over more furniture, so make sure everything in the house is stable. If it isn’t, you may need to screw it to the wall or find some other way of keeping it from toppling over.

When standing, your child might also encounter choking hazards in the form of cords for curtains or blinds. These can be rolled up, out of reach and the windows behind them should have childproof locks fitted as well. Most window locks will function with the window open a crack as well, meaning you can allow a flow of air without any risk that your baby might climb out and hurt themselves.

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