Dreambaby Retractable Gate

Today we are going to review the Dreambaby Retractable Gate, one of the most popular mesh gates in the UK.

We have stocked this gate for years now and we have listened to the opinions of our customers, so we have been able to compare it to other similar retractable gates. Our main conclusion is that is an effective gate, really good value for money and works fine for babies and pets. We actualluy think the Dreambaby Retractable Gate is the best retractable dog gate.

Once your little one discovers that the two limbs attached to the bottom of their body can actually make them move around much quicker than they ever have before, there is no stopping them. They will literally want to run everywhere! Well that’s great for them but not so for you, your home and the upmost important of all, their safety.

It’s at this point in your little bundle of excitements life that you may think about purchasing a baby gate or two for your home. However you may not be looking for such a permanent fixture and you certainly do not want to add any more trip hazards or dangers to your home. So what’s the best alternative to look for? What is non-invasive, not too permanent and doesn’t take up your whole home and constantly be in the way?

Well, what you will be looking for is a retractable baby gate. They have been designed to be a fantastic security product which will keep your baby safe and secure around your home.

Retractable gates expand from nothing to create a safety barrier in your home. They can be used as a pet gate, stair guard or a room divider and they are completely non-invasive.

So how do they work exactly? Well, if you have a bustling home environment with pets, elder siblings with their friends, family and your baby all rushing around your home, the last thing that you and everyone needs is to be constantly unlocking and then re-locking the gate each time they walk through. A typical vibrant home with an adventurous excitable toddler running around needs to be made as safe and hazardless as possible! This means that you do not want any trip bars or any obstacles which could get in your way, which is something the traditional baby gate does offer you unfortunately.

However, there is a brand new Retractable Gate on the market that may be just perfect for you; this is the Dreambaby Retractable Stair Gate. The gate is suitable for the use in any door frame in your home and it will fit a gap of up to and between 140cm.

This retractable barrier is available in white, grey and black.

Widths covered: 0-140 cm
Height: 81.5cm
Colours Available: White, Grey, Black
Manufacturer: Dreambaby

The Dreambaby gate is also supplied with two sets of mounting brackets which means that you are able to use the same gate in multiple locations throughout your home. The gate can be used for a variety of reasons such as the most obvious, protecting your baby in addition to a pet barrier.

The sturdy Retractable Gate poses as no danger or obstacle within your home when not in use as it can be simply retracted away, causing no risk of a trip hazard, unlike when you walk through traditional stair gates.

Dreambaby Retractable Gate

Dreambaby Retractable Gate

The gate allows for quick and easy access when needed yet keeps your baby or your dog safe and secure and out of harm’s way. It has also been fitted with a locking system that enables you to either lock the retractable stair gate or allow it to automatically lock as you close it across.

Some of our customers, when they reach us, are interested in knowing if a pet barrier be used as a child gate. The answer is yes, specially with mesh ones, as small pets like cats or puppies will not be able to squeeze through any gaps or bars.

The gate is even equipped with a loud ratchet sound when it is retracted; just to let you know that it is being shut. A great little feature to have if you know your little treasure is going to try everything possible to get the gate to open.

It has been made with a strong fabric mesh that will guarantee to keep your children safe and withstand their force. Furthermore, if for any reason you would want to use the gate outside, you can, as it has been designed to be weather proof. We would however suggest not using it during extreme gale force weather conditions.

Regarding the installation of the gate, we think it might be easier to actually see how to do it, so here is a video explaining how to:

Our Dreambaby Retractable Gate Review

So how is this gate compared to all the others? Well for starters it is the only retractable gate which extends up to a very generous 140 cm compared to the Avant and Accent which only extends to a maximum of 120cm. Compared to the Avant it also has an automatic locking system ensuring that it cannot be opened by any wondering little hands in addition to it also having the ratchet sound effect, letting you know that the gate is being with tampered by someone!

The Dreambaby gate can also be mounted either on the inside or the outside of the frame, so you are able to fit it to your needs. It is also made of a high quality, sturdy material which is going to protect your little one or pets from running into the guard.

So if you are looking for a room divider or security gate which is not going to be a permanent fixture or be constantly up and in the way, you need to take a look at the Dreambaby Retractable Gate!

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