10 ways to help your partner during pregnancy

There’s a lot more to making your partner more comfortable during her pregnancy than simply making her drinks and getting her to put her feet up a little, it extends into a whole set of other areas that some people wouldn’t have even thought of.

There is a lot to consider for your partner when she is going through one of the biggest phases of her life. As the partner and father to be, you are the prime person who can comfort physically and emotionally. Check out these 10 steps that can really make difference to your relationship throughout the pregnancy.

The basic comforts

1.     The basic comforts are of course important and to be fair, most men are pretty good at getting this right.  This is all the usual like getting your partner to put her feet up when she can.  Tust me, this is very helpful, and more important than you might initially think.  As she begins to carry a lot more weight she will be putting a lot more pressure on her legs, and if this isn’t carefully looked after she could have a pretty bad case of varicose veins by the end of it all.

2.     Don’t let them take on too much.  We realise that this isn’t always possible, particularly if you go out to work and are forced to leave your partner at home alone for extended periods.  However, try to come to some arrangement where you do a good share of her chores when you come home.  If you can get her to leave some of the jobs for you then she’ll be less stressed and not too tired.  But if you say you’re going to do it, you must do it.  Too many times we make promises and then fail to honour them because we’re either too tired or we’ve forgotten; do not add to the stress levels of your partner if you can help it.

3.     Comfort extends to sleeping too.  It’s not very easy trying to get to sleep when you’ve got a huge bump out in front of you.  It might be easy for those men among you with a bit of a beer belly, but when it comes to your partner, you must remember that this is a baby.  Pregnancy pillows are a wise investment during the later stages of pregnancy and your partner will really appreciate this attention to detail.  The pillow will allow them to rest their neck, tummy and head in a position that is comfortable and doesn’t restrict the baby’s movement.

Well being

4.     Making sure your partner is comfortable during her pregnancy also involves her emotional state too.  Remember that she is going through enormous changes in her body and mind and that this is an incredibly difficult time to adjust to, causing hormone imbalance and stress you could only imagine.  Just to imagine for a moment what it would feel like for you to be carrying that extra weight out in front of you for nine months, serving as a constant reminder what the rest of your life is going to be about, still doesn’t go halfway to explaining it.  This is why you should be sensitive to her concerns and tolerant of her mood swings and irrationalities; remember that this isn’t forever.  And don’t whatever you do, make the problems you’re facing about yourself; this is not what your partner wants to hear, she needs understanding and patience.

5.     Make sure that you remind her how attractive she still is to you.  There are very few men who find pregnant women unattractive; there actually is something that glows about them.  Your partner has heard this of course, but she needs to be reminded by you, more than you would normally by the way.  She may know in the back of her mind that you still find her attractive, but she may be feeling a little unattractive to herself, so a little sensitivity goes a long way.

6.     As well as reminding your partner how much they mean to you, sex is often needed to be discussed during pregnancy also. You may have to be very sensitive on this topic as pregnancy can make your partner either want more or less sex. It is very dependant on the individual. I must stress that sex is still important during this time but only have it if you both want to. It is also important to speak to your health care provider about safe sex positions as your partner moves later and later into the pregnancy.


7.     It is very important that your partner stays as healthy as possible during her pregnancy. Go shopping for her and ensure she can eat lots of healthy foods such as whole grain bread, pasta, rice, low fat dairy products and chicken. Add lots of vegetables and fruits to the mix and you are providing your partner and your upcoming baby with the vital nutrients needed. It is always good to join in on the healthy eating lifestyle to make it easier for her to cope with the change.

8.     An important factor that is often missed by the dads to be is smoking. If you smoke you should quit as soon as you can. Your pregnant partner should have stopped smoking by now so not to harm the baby and your second hand smoke can still do harm.  Smoking is linked to early births.

9.     Make sure you speak to your health provider about what medications you are on to ensure none of them will harm your baby. Always check before taking any particular medication to make sure you and the baby are safe to do so.

10.   Exercise when pregnant is still important. This is often missed as upcoming fathers tend to focus on ensuring that their partners are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This is great and you should keep this up but just going out for a long walk can help your partner stay happy and agile.


Overall make sure she has what she needs, she isn’t too stressed and that you are very patient and understanding; remember that it’s the least you can do considering what she’s going through.

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