Your newborn baby’s development and how baby toys will help

Many people ask the question why buy baby toys when they’re too young to actually play with anything?  This isn’t an unreasonable question and it requires a little bit of effort and explanation to answer.  This article goes to some length to detail why it’s important.

The schema

When it comes to babies and infants in general it’s important to consider how they learn.  They learn in much the same way as we do now.  You introduce something to them, expect them to master it, and then introduce the next thing to challenge them.  You see, it’s all about challenging, and it’s pretty much the same with everything when it comes to babies, including baby toys.

A baby is expected to crawl pretty soon after they’ve been born and we encourage them to do this.  Then they are expected to walk and we encourage this too.  Then they are expected to eat with cutlery and drink from a cup etc etc.  They would never do any of these things if we didn’t break what they call the schema.  The schema is the routing in which they fall and are comfortable with; it’s a way of doing things that needs to be challenged in order to progress.  For example, if we never took away the baby’s bottle and gave them a cup they would drink from a bottle for as long as they can because they’re comfortable with it.

Baby toys

So why buy baby toys?  To help your baby progress and develop, that’s why.  Some baby toys seem way over your baby’s head when it comes to playing, but the fact is that this encourages them to learn about the toy and what it does.  This begins as learning to wrap their hands around something and gradually progresses to being able to press or pull something.  Baby toys that challenge your baby are the ones that usually last until the child is old enough to accomplish what the toy does. See our range of Baby Toys at Baby Security

Visual Stimulation

Baby toys are usually bright and exciting for babies to look at.  This is because they are designed to encourage your baby to interact with them.  Now this doesn’t have to happen straight away of course and when you’re baby is unable to sit up and grab toys the colours are perfect to provide visual stimulation.  It’s often a good idea to surround you baby with some visually exciting toys when they are laying on a play mat for example.  Not only does this pacify them, eventually it will also encourage them to move when they are able too.


So even though they may seem way beyond your child’s developmental age and ability, don’t neglect to get your hands on a few of these baby toys.  The majority of them have been designed with baby in mind and you may be surprised at how much they can help you and your baby accomplish.

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