Keeping Your Child Safe in the Sun…

When travelling with your child, it is always a high priority to keep your child safe, and comfortable whilst in strange environments. The best ways to achieve this are with specially designed, lightweight travel cots. A number of leading brands such as Little Life, NScessity, and Samsonite produce a range of these baby travel cots that can be erected in seconds, and give your baby a safe, cosy environment no matter where they are in the world.

The Sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to your child, and portable UV Travel Tents from NScessity and Samsonite are a great way to keep your baby safe on the beach, around the pool, or even in the garden at home. UV Tents come in a range of colours, sizes and styles which can be erected in seconds, leaving you free to enjoy quality time with your child. Manufactured from lightweight SPF rated fabrics, they provide a shady haven for your little one from the Sun’s rays and designed with ease of use in mind, UV Travel Tents offer almost instant protection for your child.

Some of the UV Travels Tents currently available can be utilised as a travel cot, making them ideal for naptimes when you are on the go. With in-built mesh panels, UV travel tents allow a cool breeze to flow through, keeping your child cool, whilst still in the shade. The mesh panels in UV Tents are specifically designed to be insect-proof, meaning that whilst in their UV Travel Tent, your child is protected from the native creepy-crawlies.

Many UV Travel Tents are very versatile, offering a number of uses, making them a very economical purchase. Easily stowed away for use in the sun on holiday, they can also be utilised as a travel cot for naptimes and weekends away, when you get home they can also be quickly popped up in the garden making a great play tent or den for your children.

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