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Potty training, all parents will have to go through it with their little one. An often difficult and sometimes a messy task, it will differ from child to child, so if you begin to become frustrated, try not to compare your child with others. Children are only able to control their bladder and bowel when they’re physically ready and when they want to be dry and clean. It may be frustrating and time consuming for you, but your child is still growing, developing and learning. In addition, it’s often quite common that children will learn to control their bowel before they can control their bladder.

Children often learn to control their bowel before their bladder

You may think about starting to potty train your little one when your child is around 18 to 24 months but realistically there is no perfect time of when this should actually begin. It’s advisable to start during the warmer months, just because of several reasons such as fewer clothes will have to be rushed off and also washed nappies will dry much quicker in the summer sun. Once your child reaches the age of two, they may start to become dry during the day, yet this is still quite early age for them. By the age of 3, nine out of ten of children are dry most days. However, it is still common for a child to have a little accident every now and then and even more so if they become excited, upset or distracted by something else. It will often take a little longer for your child to stay dry throughout the night, and again it is very common for young children to wet the bed. It’s estimated that a quarter of 3 year old’s and one in six 5 year old’s will regularly wet the bed.

A product which you may hear about regularly very soon is the My Carry Potty, founded by Amanda Jenner, who was very recently just on The One Show promoting the Carry Potty. On top of the great T.V exposure, Amanda has now been chosen to front a potty training initiative which will allow you as parents to share your stories and experiences of potty training.

My Carry Potty

From next week (Monday 15th July), a 6 week campaign titled ‘Wee Can Do It’ will start. The campaign will kick off with the results of a survey stating the highs and lows of teaching your little one how to use a potty. It is hoped that the campaign will create a real sense of enjoyment around potty training as well as getting parents to share their experiences of what they have had to go through. Wee Can Do It will include the nation’s largest potty training survey results, week by week themes, downloadable fact sheets, live web chats, competitions and much more! The whole aim of the campaign is to get parents to share their tips and experiences with one another, concluding that all together, potty training will become a much more pleasant and happier experience for all that are involved.

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