“..Shall I put the Fire on?” A discussion of the options when purchasing Fireguards

As the nights start to draw in alarmingly quickly (did anyone else seem to blink and miss out on the long August evenings?), the temperatures are dropping and it’s time to start thinking about changing the central heating, and for some of us, time to start preparing the fireplace.

For those of us with children, fireguards are an absolute necessity. A fireplace should never be lit without a fire where there are children or pets in the home. Children will find the licking flames enchanting, without understanding just how dangerous they are. Pets will love the warmth, and will lie as close as possible to the fire, again without understanding the threat that fires pose to them. Fireguards create a barrier to protect your children, pets, and yourselves, from any threat.

We can all remember the fireguards that were available and popular when we were children, wire mesh grates that surrounded the fireplace, and were folded up and put in the attic as soon as the first daffodils of spring popped up. This type is still available, and very popular. Some manufacturers like Clippasafe and Lindam have moved on from the classic wire-mesh box look, and have added charming details, like a domed mesh top that brings a classic and vintage look to any living room. These are also fairly cheap and perform the task as well as any from our childhoods. And just like those fireguards of old, they are easily folded down and packed away when not required.

BabyDan have gone one further than the other fireguard manufacturers, utilising the same system they pioneered for their bestselling BabyDan Configure Gates, to create a 5-panel fireguard system called the BabyDan Hearth Gate. BabyDan Hearth Gate attaches to the walls at either end, and is comprises of five 60cm panels that can be fixed at any angle to one another. BabyDan Hearth Gate allows you to adjust the position of each panel to create a safe zone around your fire, as large or small as you see fit. It is also possible to purchase additional panels to extend and expand the BabyDan Hearth Gate, to measure up to 900cm in length! In any home, thats quite quite some fireguard! The centre panel of the BabyDan Hearth Gate is an easy to use gate; allowing access to the fireplace for adults.

One of the best points of the BabyDan Hearth Gate is the sheer flexibility of it. BabyDan Hearth Gate can be used in so many ways other than just a fire guard. By removing or adding panels it can be transformed in seconds in to a Stair Safety Gate, Room Divider, or even a Baby Playpen. Having a fireguard that can become so much more to you than a just fireguard is a value that cannot be ignored, and makes the BabyDan Hearth Gate useful all year round.

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