Get safety swimwear so your toddler can play but not burn

A young child’s skin is far more sensitive than an adult’s. It is thinner, paler and burns far more easily. Furthermore, the consequences of burning are far greater. It is important that parents take the utmost care and one way in which you can do this without restricting your toddler is to get them some safety swimwear.

Designed specifically to protect your child from the sun, UV suits cover more skin, meaning vulnerable areas are protected. With high necks and long sleeves, such clothing is suitable for use at the beach or even in the garden. You can also get wraps that help minimise changes in temperature, meaning your child doesn’t get cold in the water or having just got out. Meanwhile, float jackets provide buoyancy as well as sun protection.

There are different styles, different colours and all such products should be easy to get on and off your child, meaning they can happily play without your fearing they might burn.

With younger babies, it is vital to keep them out of the sun in summer. UV travel tents and pram shades keep them cool and protect their skin, but there comes a time when your child will want to enjoy themselves by paddling and so forth. It is then that safety swimwear comes into its own.

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