Security in the nursery starts with the cot

Being as it’s the place where your child will sleep, there are a handful of measures that need to be taken in the nursery and the first thing to look at is the cot itself.

A new cot should meet all necessary safety standards, but if you have a hand-me-down from someone else, it might warrant some attention. One of the most important safety aspects is the distance between the bars of the cot. If they are too far apart, your child might get arms or legs trapped. If you’re in doubt, it would probably be better to invest in a new one for your own peace of mind, if nothing else.

Within the cot, you can add sensor pads underneath the mattress. This allows you to monitor your child’s movements without having anything in direct contact with them. By covering the entire sleeping surface, there is a reduced risk of false alarms resulting from your child rolling off the sensor. When breathing and movement are normal, your monitor will indicate this to you in some way, often through the display of a green light. If you see any change, you can react swiftly.

You may also want to invest in a video monitor to complement this. Operating wirelessly without risk of interference, video monitors are hugely reassuring and with technology moving on apace, they are far more affordable than they were even a couple of years ago. They also allow for secure password-protected streaming of footage over the internet for the benefit of parents who may be away from home.

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