Do I need a breast pump?

Some new mums still wonder if they need a breast pump? That is because they don’t know what they are missing! Breast pumps can never be underestimated and every breast feeding mother should have one.  There are numerous breast pumps on the market today, but it doesn’t really matter which one you get as long you get one.

We will explain you the benefits of using breast pumps. And in case it was not clear yet -yes, you need one!

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Breast Milk Shown To Better Protect Babies From Necrotising Enterocolitis

The benefits of breast milk over formula are many and well-known and recent research has added to the list. Investigators at Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre, in Maryland in the US, have found that premature babies fed by human donor milk are far less likely to develop a dangerous intestinal problem than those fed on formula.

Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) is a form of tissue damage to a baby’s bowel and 40 per cent of babies who develop it die as a result. It is generally seen in babies who are born extremely prematurely, but only one of 29 babies fed on human milk followed as part of the study went on to develop the problem. This compared to five of 24 who were fed on formula.

Researchers said the findings justified moving premature babies onto a human milk only diet. Lead investigator, Elizabeth Cristofalo, a neonatologist at Hopkins Children’s, said:

“The stark differences in the risk of NEC, its complications and the need for surgery between babies who receive human donor milk and those who get formula, signal the need for a change in feeding practices across neonatal intensive care units.”

Such an approach of course demands a supply of donor milk. Human breast milk can be gathered using breast pumps and subsequently stored to help prematurely born babies develop properly.

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