Dads are special and have their own role

In this day and age, where women often have to prove they can do everything a man can do, there is also pressure on men when it comes to caring for a baby. There is a growing movement within feminism that recognises a woman’s unique role in caring for a baby while at the same time making plenty of room for the father to become involved and take responsibility as well. Crucially, he is seen as a father, not as a pseudo mother.

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What does birth and breastfeeding have to do with being a dad?

In the last 20 or 30 years, fathers have departed from the traditional ‘distant’ image when it comes to parenting. For example, during the birth of the child, instead of being sent out to chop wood, or disappearing down to the pub to wait for the news, they are now expected to be present, fully engaged and involved in the actual birth. Where fathers previously left most of the baby care to the mother, (who was most likely being supported by her mother, older sister, and neighbours) now images of fathers making bottles in the dead of night and changing nappies  while the mother smiles on, or has coffee with her girlfriends, have proliferated.

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