Beaba BabyCook Solo 4-in-1 Food Processor Review

As We’ve been on here for a few days its about time we told you a bit about ourselves and what we do. The best example of what comes to mind is one of the products we sell, the Beaba Babycook.

Below is our listing for it on

Beaba Babycook Food Processor & Blender is a kitchen baby cook accessory no parent should be without. The Babycook food blender simplifies the task of preparing baby size portions and the Baby cook food blender is great for liquids.  Babycook child health and safety equipment will will also steam, defrost and heat.

Made from easy to clean polycarbonate, Beaba Baby cook is sturdy and tough and comes with a flex tidy. Included in the Beaba Babycook Food Blender package is spatula and cook booklet, with recipes suitable for babies aged from 6-24 months.  The Beaba Babycook Book is also available

  • Babycook Steam cooking — preserves vitamins
  • Baby Cook Food Blending — you decide the consistency
  • Super-fast reheating
  • Baby Cook has Express Defrosting function
  • 600ml blender capacity

We get many satisfied comments from from parents throughout the country regarding the Beaba BabyCook Food Blender:

“Many thanks for sending the replacement Beaba Babycook so promptly. I am very impressed with the level of customer service I have received and look forward to shopping with you again.

Regards” Kate Burnford, 10/2007

“Thanks a lot fyi – I LOVE the Beaba Food processor! My life is so much easier now :)” B Samuel, London 07/2007

“I had been searching for a Beaba Babycook for my young son and after having scoured the internet I found your website! Not only is it a great looking site, user friendly and a one stop shop for Mum’s and Dad’s but your prices are great too.

So I just wanted to thank you for your help in placing my order and I will definitely use you again and tell all about you.

Yours gratefully” Danika (Mum to Lucas 5 1/2 months) 07/2007

It really is a great product, nicely designed, functions well and at an excellent price. it’s just one of the many things we stock. Take a look a our full range of food processors and blenders.

All The Best,

The Baby Security Team

When do I feed my baby solid food?

You shouldn’t really begin to feed your baby anything other than milk until there are at least 4 months old, and even then there are only very specific things that you can feed them; if you would like more information about these ages and specific foods then please refer to our article entitled What do I feed my baby?.  However, there are several good practical signs that indicate your baby may be ready for solid food and they are as follows:

They are growing

If your baby is gaining a significant amount of weight seems to be hungrier, and is actually showing a visible interest in food, this is often the first indication that they are ready to begin eating something a little more substantial, and it’s time to get the bibs, baby bowls and feeding spoons out because it’s going to get messy!

Sitting up

Make sure your baby can hold their head up straight and sit comfortably in their high chair.  You need to ensure you get the right high chair for your baby to avoid the slipping out if they’re not quite steady enough; a five strap chair is a good idea so that you can secure them around the waist, around the shoulders and between the legs.  There is little point in beginning to feed your baby solid food if they can’t sit in the high chair.

Using their mouth

If they are using their mouth for something other than crying, like making chewing motions etc then they are probably able to push food around in their mouth and take some light solids like baby rice and cereal etc.  You will find out as soon as you put food in their mouth whether or not they can a) get their mouth around the spoon and close it, and b) move their tongue around the food and actually get it down their throats; this is one of the primary reasons that the first food you give your baby is something as runny as baby cereal.

When they put everything in their mouth

This is certainly the time to be feeding them solid food and if you’re not then you really should be.  When everything becomes about sensation in their mouth they are ready for a wide variety of food and are incredibly interested in the whole idea of eating.

Important note:

Remember that you don’t need to feed your baby any form of solid food during the first 4 months.  This is because their digestive system cannot cope with it and it’s still developing.  After 4 months you should take advice and build your baby’s diet slowly, making a note of everything they eat.

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