Helping your baby sleep during the summer months

Most of us look forward to the summer. With better weather and longer hours of daylight, we can get outdoors and this can feel particularly good for new parents who can often feel housebound during the winter. Nevertheless, summer does bring with it certain problems, particularly when it comes to night time.

It is difficult enough persuading a baby to sleep through the night at any time of year, but in summer the problem is magnified. At this time of year, the sun rises before 5am and sets after 9pm, but even then, the nation isn’t instantly plunged into darkness the minute the sun goes down. It remains light for some time after the sun has disappeared from view and similarly, it actually gets light some time before dawn.

Light encourages us to wake up and at the height of summer we need to exclude it so that we can get enough sleep. This is simple enough if you get blackout blinds. Where curtains and conventional blinds still allow a certain amount of light to enter the room, blackout blinds eliminate it completely, allowing your baby to sleep for longer.

The summer is also when we notice how humid it is in the UK. In winter, high humidity is less of an issue, but when the temperature rises, it can feel decidedly uncomfortable. To combat this, you can invest in a dehumidifier. These devices almost silently remove moisture and bacteria from the air, providing your baby with a healthier and more comfortable sleeping environment.

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