Choosing the products that you really need for your new baby

A recent study has found that the average British mother spends £200 on items that are rarely used for a new baby. It seems that this is largely down to parents not knowing what they will need and attempting to cover all bases.

Speaking on behalf of, which commissioned the research, Sally J Hall, explained:

“It’s hard to know what to buy for a baby if you haven’t had one before. You can listen to advice from other mums, friends and family and swot up with books and the internet, but the fact is, each mum has a different lifestyle and income – and should choose to suit herself rather than blindly follow an off-the-shelf ‘baby list’”

Hall goes on to emphasise that every baby is different. She points out that a placid, calm baby might not benefit quite so much from an air purifier in the room, whereas for a baby who struggles to sleep for extended periods, such a product may prove invaluable.

Basic furniture, like a highchair, was considered most useful and other items that were considered most desirable included pushchairs, bedding and stair gates. Purchases such as these can be considered essentials and beyond that, you will have to consider your lifestyle and home and then think carefully about your new family’s particular needs.

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