How hard can it be to decorate your child’s nursery?

Decorating for your expectant child’s nursery can be a very exciting time for you and your partner. There are all different styles and themes that you can choose from, these can be ranging from pretty in pink princess themes, jungle and animal inspired, warm and natural colours or something completely out of the ordinary. For example you could create an outer space theme incorporating bold colours throughout, glow in the dark stars and moons scattered around the wall and ceiling or even a wild animal bold jungle theme with borders and bright accent themed walls incorporating animal pictures and stickers. However, just because these may be a fun idea for you, this may not be the best environment for your child to be sleeping in.

Could this be too much blue and boldness for a nursery?

When you put your mind to it, a really creative nursery can be designed but the need of you and your child must come first. Firstly, really think of the colour scheme that you want for the nursery, as for the first few months you will be spending a great deal of time comforting and caring for your baby in that room, so it does need to be a relaxing and natural environment. Motherhood is a stressful time and you need to be within a calm environment to help not only your baby but also yourself. So if you are having a boy and naturally think to use the colour blue, research has shown that this colour can in fact make mothers feel a bit sad, so we suggest taking the time to select the correct shades or to even opt for bright and optimistic colours for décor. Furthermore you want to make the nursery appear warm and welcoming, a calm and relaxing environment, not a space cluttered and busy with toys and decorations.

 A cluttered nursery

Not exactly a relaxing environment if you see all of this in your nursery!

Research shows that bright colours help to stimulate your baby and keep them awake, whereas other colours can actually help them go back to sleep if they do awake. For example, yellow appears to be a great colour to choose as it is bright and cheery and helps to provoke a happy atmosphere, however it is also the greatest colour for reflecting light back into our eyes. This can cause irritations such as headaches and potentially cause babies to cry more. On the other hand green is a fantastic colour for creating a calm and natural environment in a room. Soft and light shades of green emphasise a great feeling of peace, mixed along with some fantastic looking earth tones which are the friendliest and the most welcoming of colours. Furthermore, the use of light soft creams can evoke a great feeling of warmth, matched with a wonderful selection of décor and accessories, a real homely feel can be created in a child’s nursery.

Secondly, once you decide on your nursery’s colour scheme, consider the layout of the room and the actual room’s location. You need to ensure that your baby is not overlooking a loud bustling street; furthermore that is not right next to the door, otherwise every time you walk in you may awaken them or disturb their sleep. Furthermore, it’s always a great idea to never under estimate how much storage space you will need. You will find that suddenly you will accumulate more clothes and toys then you ever imagined and you will need somewhere to store them! Also make sure that your room has just the right heating and ventilation so that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

So once you have decided your décor and room layout, naturally the next step is to begin the purchase of the nursery furniture. However you do need to be aware of exposing your baby to dangerous chemicals. As a mother you can become concerned yourself about the amount of paint fumes you are inhaling whilst expecting, but there are also more hidden dangers that may harm your baby. Research from the Environment Protection Agency suggest that it is best to prepare your nursery in advanced of the birth as chemicals which circulate off new furniture and bedding contains the same amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) found in the fumes of paint. Such compounds can be found on newly laid carpets, mattresses, rugs and window dressings causing the side effects of irritated eyes, nose and throat, it may also trigger headaches, dizziness and sometimes nausea. Exposure to VOC’s may sound frightening but please do not worry as the exposure to this is very easy to prevent. Simply set up your nursery early and allow for the room and its contents to air out naturally. Another option is to also select low-odour interior paint and choose flooring rather than a carpet.

Simple and natural decor creates a calm relaxing environment

In conclusion, enjoy creating a wonderful light, calm, welcoming environment for you and your baby. Select your layout of the nursery carefully and choose the appropriate storage facilities. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold colours into the décor as this will add a bit of character to the room, it will also allow your child’s imagination to flourish and help to create a fun environment. Finally, consider the needs of your child and the environment it is going to grow up in, once they reach an older age you should then allow them to experiment with what style they want as their personality flourish’s.

Ideas for decorating the nursery

Decorating the baby’s room may be one of the most fun things parents do before the baby arrives. It is such an exciting time and parents love to take great care, down to the very last detail. Of course it is important to remember that all a baby really needs is you, food and a warm place to sleep to be completely loved and cared for, but nurseries are fun for the parents and can be designed in ways that make caring for the baby a little more practical.

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Top baby nursery decoration tips

Planning the nursery is a very important part of preparing for your new arrival, and it is something that can be done as a couple if you choose to.

Transforming a room into your baby’s new nursery is no simple task, however. There are many things to think about, such as colour schemes, nursery furniture, layout and other more practical considerations. Many expectant parents don’t have a clue where to start, so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your new redecoration project then you won’t be alone.

The following are a few of the things you should think about before decorating and furnishing your baby’s nursery:

  • Keep the design simple. Babies grow awfully fast, and the décor you choose for your child as a newborn may not be suitable once they grow a little. Go for a design scheme that is easy to change as your child gets older.
  • Make use of temporary nursery decoration accessories like peel-off stickers, fun mobiles, door hangers, pictures, cushions and toys to add colour to the room and stimulate your baby’s senses. These can be easily changed and replaced whenever you like.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. Remember that your baby will spend a lot of time looking up, so make sure the ceiling design is as stimulating as possible. Cot mobiles are the best for this, as they can be changed far more easily than actually painting on the ceiling.
  • Install blackout blinds. If you don’t know which type of window covering to go for, always choose blackout blinds. They effectively block out all light, giving your baby a dark sleeping environment and helping them to establish proper sleeping patterns.

Above all, have fun and be creative when decorating the nursery – it is a very important part of preparing for your baby.


Four ways you can improve sleeping conditions in the nursery

The environment your baby sleeps in is very important for a number of reasons. Good, safe conditions in the nursery can help your baby to sleep for longer and get better quality rest, as well as lowering the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

There are several things you can do to improve sleeping conditions for your baby. For example, you should consider using:

Blackout blinds. Until your baby adapts to a regular night-time sleeping pattern, light levels in the nursery can disrupt sleep. Standard blinds and curtains let too much light through, which is why blackout blinds are used to block out all light and leave a completely dark room.

Bed rails and bed guards. These are essential safety devices that should be fitted to every cot and child’s bed in order to keep your child safe whilst he or she sleeps.

Air purifiers. Using devices such as air purifiers can improve air quality in the nursery and thereby combat allergies and respiratory problems, as well as neutralising unpleasant odours. You can also use either a humidifier or a dehumidifier to balance moisture levels in the room.

Peaceful lighting. If your baby is having trouble sleeping in complete darkness (achieved via blackout blinds), you may want to try soothing them to sleep with a gently glowing, ambient nightlight.

As well as increasing comfort and safety, setting up the sleeping conditions in the nursery in this way is also an important part of establishing a regular sleeping pattern for your baby.

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