Make Father’s Day Special

It’s coming round to that time of year again where we spoil and treat our wonderful dads on the one special day that is father’s day. It’s not hard to miss as you stroll by your local card shop, as the windows are decorated with special father’s day offers. But why not be a little different from the rest this year, really put some thought into the father’s day gift. We all know how children love making a mess and getting involved, so this is the perfect chance to get them excited, let their creative streak shine out!

Here at Baby Security we thought we would come up with some different ideas on what you and your little one could do to make Dad feel really special. And we all secretly know that he will be hoping to get something!

Make him a homemade personal card.
Make a card a lot more personal and Dad will love it. Cut up some pictures and stick them onto a folded piece of card and let your little one be creative with the decorating! Maybe get your little ones hand print put onto the card, this is guaranteed to make Dad smile.

Father's day card
Make a personal Father’s Day card

Extra Cuddles, Kisses and Jumps on the Bed.
Only for this one day only! Let your children know that for this one day they can go charging into the bedroom and smother Dad with kisses and cuddles, he won’t mind! In fact it will remind him how lucky he is. Also bounces on the bed just to make sure he’s awake are also allowed just for this one day

Make a gift.
The one gift that my dad has ever kept from father’s day were the ones I made myself. In fact one still hangs on the wall now, a clay fish which I made in my Art Class. A handmade gift really shows a lot of effort and they are always greatly appreciated. It also gives you and your little one a chance to enjoy some time being creative and making a mess, something your little one will love!

Homemade father's day present
Make him his own personal gift

Bake some treats or cook a meal.
They say a way to a man’s heart is through his belly, so why not get baking! If he has a favourite cake or loves to chomp away on cookies, why not make bake him an extra amount, just for the one day. Or if he has a favourite food, you and your little one should cook him a nice big portion of his favourite meal. Food can never fail!

Father's day cake
Bake him a cake or his favourite mea

Breakfast in Bed.
This is everyone’s favourite and bound to be Dad’s favourite too! This will be a lovely wake up call for him.

A day full of surprises.
Really push the boat out and give Dad a day full of little surprises. Just think of little things that would make him smile. Think of all the places that he would go to first thing in the morning and leave a little gift or a photo of Dad and your little one.  He may say that he doesn’t like surprises but we all know that he will love these!

Sleeping with the enemy: Coping with allergies at night

Allergies are common enough, and they present their fair share of problems, but probably the worst one of all is sleep deprivation.  Without sleep we will not operate well the next day and our systems will be significantly lowered, allowing more exposure to allergies.  It’s a vicious circle and a slippery slope into allergy hell if you can’t get a good night’s rest.

Allergies can plague you more at night because you’re tired, but more often than not it’s due to the fact that you are resting, your body is flat and you are breathing more heavily.  People react to different things in different ways, but anything that affects your breathing is a serious problem and anything you can do to improve the air quality in the room you sleep is very important.  Asthma sufferers who are not correctly treated and who take no measures in their home to cut down on air pollutants can significantly reduce their effectiveness of their lungs over time; all the strain from coughing and wheezing can certainly take its toll.

What can you do to get a good night sleep?

If you want to beat the allergens and help yourself get a good night sleep there are several steps you can take.  Most of them however revolve around getting yourself an air purifier.  These are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who suffers with asthma or any allergies that affect the breathing.

  • Make sure your air purifier runs through the night
  • Make sure if you have to have your pets sleeping in the room that they do not sleep on your bed and they have a spot on the floor near the air purifier.
  • Check the filters on your air purifier regularly and remove any large pieces of hair etc so that you maintain the purifier’s effectiveness.
  • Don’t leave windows open.  If you are allergic to any outside contaminants you will only let them in by doing this; it’s really best to concentrate on making the indoor air as breathable as possible.
  • Clean dust regularly in the room in which you sleep.  Use a vacuum and a damp cloth to do this so that you don’t need to disturb the dust too much.
  • Consider getting rid of your carpets and having a laminate or wooden floor that can’t hold any potential threats.

Is co-sleeping a good idea?

Co-sleeping is when a baby or young child shares the same bed as a parent or both parents. While it is a common practice in many parts of the world, there are safety considerations which mean that the use of co-sleeper cots is advisable.

Without a co-sleeper cot, a young child is at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). There are a number of risk factors. If a parent smokes, has been drinking or is overweight, the risk increases. Soft mattresses and heavy duvets and pillows also make the practice less safe, according to research. One of the most major risks is that a parent could roll onto a baby whilst asleep, crushing them or suffocating them.

With a co-sleeper cot, these risks are removed. The baby can sleep next to their parent, but in a safe, partly separated sleeping space of their own. This arrangement conveys all the benefits of co-sleeping, but in a safer way. The baby can be easily comforted should they become distressed and can even be fed without the mother having to get up.

Studies have found additional benefits of co-sleeping. Co-sleeping babies typically have more stable temperatures, more regular heart rhythms and fewer long pauses in breathing. It has also been found that both mother and baby frequently have lower levels of stress hormones with this sleeping arrangement.

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