What To Buy For Your Baby, And When To Buy It

There are two main shopping periods when your baby is on the way: before and after.  Many people attempt to buy everything they need before the baby has arrived, but this can often be a mistake due to the financial burden you put on yourself and your family, and often simply because many people don’t even know the sex of their child.

In today’s article we will be covering the checklist of what you will need to buy before a baby is born and after they have been delivered.

What to buy before a baby is born

What follows is a list of the most popular things that people buy before their baby arrives, based on our research; [please note that they are not in any order of importance]:

  • Cot or crib.  This is by far one of the most popular choices for parents before their baby arrives.  The old wife’s tale about not buying a crib and putting it into the house is ridiculous, it makes far more sense to get your baby somewhere to sleep so that you don’t have to rush around and make do with what you can find when it arrives.  You may also want to consider what bedding your baby will need including a correctly fitting mattress; you should be able to get this from the same place you purchase the cot.
  • Steriliser.  A baby bottle steriliser is an excellent idea before your baby comes along.  This is something you’re going to need almost straight away if your baby is to be bottle fed, and even if the child will be breast fed there is still a necessity to use a steriliser for such things as breast pumps etc in order to prevent dangerous bacteria.
  • Pram.  A pram seems to be a logical choice these days and there are a huge variety of them out there.  Getting a head start on choosing one of these is certainly necessary simply due to the choice!
  • Car seat.  A car seat is a practicality that needs to be considered, not least because your baby will need to get home from the hospital.
  • Feeding bottles.   Even if you’re not going to bottle feed your baby, and breastfeeding is the option you prefer, you are still likely to need some bottles in the event that you express some breast milk to be used at a later date or to allow the father of the child to feed.
  • Basic clothing.  Items of clothing like grow suits, vests and hats are important to get in and get ready for the baby before it arrives.  If you’re concerned about gender specific items you needn’t be; just buy neutral colours.

What to buy to newborn babies

There are too many things to write in this list, and we would need a website of encyclopaedic length to get it all in, but here are a few of the things that people tend to buy after the baby has arrived:

  • Breast pump.  A breast pump is usually purchased after the baby has arrived simply because the mother doesn’t always know if she’s going to breast feed or not.  In the event that she is, she is certainly going to need one of these.
  • Baby monitors.  A baby monitor will eventually be required for when you want to leave baby for particular lengths of time.  These are incredibly sophisticated these days including: video multi screen monitors and devices that enable you to talk back to your baby.
  • Clothes.  Now it’s time to dress your baby up how you like them, and if you want to be gender specific you should by now whether your child is a boy or a girl.
  • Baby baths and accessories.  Now that your baby is home they are likely to need a bath.  It’s arguable whether or not you get this paraphernalia before or after the birth, but with the ease of online shopping these days you don’t really have to go out for any of it anyway.

Remember that there will be a whole lot more stuff to buy for your baby while it grows into a little person. These are just the very basics of what you will need to purchase before a baby arrives and once that is here.  Good Luck and enjoy your time!

Be wary when accepting second-hand items

When you have a newborn baby, gifts are more than welcome. You suddenly need so many items you had never previously thought about, you struggle to tick everything off. As well as new items, you will probably receive a number of hand-me-downs from parents who are both happy to help and perhaps rather keen to clear some space in their home as well.

Second-hand items can be very useful, but it is important to be slightly wary of them all the same. There is a chance that they do not meet current safety standards if they are a few years old and even if they do, you should still inspect them carefully for damage or missing parts.

Even simple old toys can pose a risk. Wooden toys from many years ago may feature lead paint, which you will not want anywhere near your child. If you have doubts, it is better to play it safe. After all, classic wooden toys are still being made and with new products you can be assured that they meet the most stringent safety standards.

If you have been given a cot by someone, pay particularly close attention to it, because this is where your child will be spending a lot of their time. In particular, make sure that the bars are not too far apart as arms and legs could get caught in the gaps. As with anything else, if in doubt, play it safe and splash out on a new one.

Stair gates and related safety products

Stair gates and safety gates can make a parent’s life a great deal easier. By allowing you to block off dangerous areas of your home, you can relax a little, knowing your baby is safe.

Different areas of the home demand slightly different products. For example, at the top of the stairs, a permanent stair gate is the best option. These are screw fitted and the benefit of this is that there is no trip bar, which is a vital component of pressure fitted gates and something you obviously do not want at the top of a flight of stairs.

Pressure fitted gates are advantageous if you need to move them around, however. They can be fitted in different doorways and do not need any sort of permanent installation. Confirm that the gate you purchase fits the space you need to fill. You can get extension kits as well.

Mesh gates are a little more discreet than pressure fitted gates. They are not unlike roller blinds in that a sheet of fabric is pulled out to fill a gap. They’re easy to use as and when you need them.

Room dividers are similar to safety gates, only multiple panels join together to cover wider areas. You can secure a certain area of a room or even form a complete circle to form a playpen.

Handy Baby Products On Holiday

We set our homes up to ensure they are safe and comfortable for our children, but going away on holiday means we need to address all the same questions again in a new environment. This can be very challenging and decidedly stressful, which is not what you really want from a holiday.

Luckily, there are many lightweight travel-friendly safety products you can take away with you to make life easier and safer. A travel cot is a fairly basic piece of equipment, but hugely useful. They generally come with an appropriately sized padded mattress and will often feature an in-built mosquito net as well.

A homing tracker might sound a little odd, but it can be an aid when it comes to parental supervision, notifying you when your child has wandered a certain distance away. They also feature a panic button with which your child can alert you.

Other products that might come in handy in an unfamiliar environment are European plug socket covers which can childproof a holiday home, while a child harness for dining chairs is a simple and adaptable item that will attach to almost any chair, preventing your child from falling.

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