Why buy an air purifier for your baby’s nursery?

Many of us will baulk at the price of an air purifier, feeling it is not a vital piece of equipment, but there are models available for as little as £100. Furthermore, children are more prone to hay fever, asthma and other respiratory conditions and it is precisely these that are alleviated by such a device. Therefore, purchasing an air purifier can be greatly beneficial for your child, simultaneously helping them sleep and protecting them from illness.

The majority require minimal energy and operate almost silently, so you don’t need to worry about some huge piece of equipment roaring away, wasting electricity. In reality, modern air purifiers are generally slim and stylish and might only require 80W of power on even the highest setting.

The benefits are many and what you get out of your air purifier very much depends on which one you go for. Your air purifier will filter dust and other allergens which can aggravate asthma and many will also neutralise airborne bacteria, leaving the nursery with healthier air for your child to breathe. Germicidal UV lamps and carbon filters will often feature as well for even cleaner air.

If your child suffers as a result of allergies or asthma, an air purifier is a must. By improving air quality, you create a healthier environment for them.

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