Review: Samsonite Messenger Changing Bag

Baby Changing Bags are one of those items that every parent needs amongst their first baby purchases, and many of them will be used for more than one child at some point in their lives. Samsonite have released the Messenger Changing Bag with this in mind; an ultra-high quality product at a very reasonable price, Samsonite Messenger Changing Bag is a very viable option designed for every parent’s budget.

Samsonite Messenger Changing Bag is manufactured out of high-quality, highly durable weaved polyester in a range of colours, its design is modern yet elegant, and completely unisex (gone are the days of changing bags being designed to emulate handbags, the Messenger Changing Bag will suit even the least metrosexual men). It is also loaded with convenient pockets and features to make your life easier; an easy access bottle pocket on the one end of the bag is mirrored at the other end with a zip-up pocket for keys, a purse or wallet. There is also a convenient secure pocket on the strap for a mobile phone. One really great feature that we liked from the Messenger Changing Bag was the detachable Soother holder pod that can be removed when required. Even this small detail is manufactured to the highest standard.

Samsonite have designed the Messenger Changing Bag with ease of use in mind. Gone are often-fiddly buttons, or toggles to hold the bag closed, instead there are two powerful magnets, with corresponding magnets on the closing flap; the Messenger Changing Bag is as easy to open as lifting the flap, however it will not open without you deliberately opening it. It is the small details that make the Messenger Changing Bag such a great product.

Inside the Messenger Changing Bag there are a number of pockets for storage of all those important little items. Inset in to the easy wipe-clean interior fabric, these pockets have been deliberately designed out of fine mesh so that nothing will fall out, yet you can see everything you need to find in an emergency. There is also a very adequately sized Changing Mat.

One of the best qualities of the Samsonite Messenger Changing Bag, is the sheer storage capacity. Despite its relatively modest size (40x25x15cm), the main pocket offers over 13ltrs of storage space (thats a lot of nappies and dummies to you dads out there). With this much space, it is hard to imagine an occasion or event that could require you to take a larger bag for your baby’s everyday items.

Designed and Manufactured to the usual high standards that Samsonite provide; it is hard to ignore the excellence of the Messenger Changing Bag. With excellent quality and a number of ingenious touches, they really have created a Changing Bag that will be useful and last for a very long time.

Review: Pet Safety Gates

A relative newcomer to the world of the Safety Gate is the Pet Gate. Not so long ago, it was not possible to buy a Pet Safety Gate, however at BabySecurity we took many calls asking if such a thing was available.

At the time the range was limited at best, we often suggested customers should purchase a Safety Gate from the limited Tall Safety Gates available.

The main feature of the Pet Gate that sets it apart from standard Baby Safety Gates, is additional height. Most Baby Stair Gates stand approximately 70-80cm tall. Pet Gates measure in at around the 100-110cm mark, offering almost 50% greater height than other Safety Gates. This additional height makes them a difficult obstacle for most household pets.

Many pet owners find themselves in a situation where, for one reason or another, they would like to restrict the movement of their pets through their home. For example they prefer to have their dog kept out of the kitchen whilst cooking, Pet Gates are ideal for this.

It would appear that the manufacturers of Stair Gates listened to the consuming public, and now there are now EIGHT pet safety gates available from BabySecurity; from reputable manufacturers like BabyDan and Bettacare. Made to the same high standards as Baby Safety Gates, Pet Gates are just as easy to install and use, and often come with additional features unique to Pet Gates.

Bettacare manufacture a Pressure Fit Dog Gate with an integrated lockable cat flap; this great addition makes it even easier to use in a home with more than one pet. It is worth noting that despite the Pet Gates effectiveness in restricting the movements of larger pets around the home, the more athletic cats may not have a problem with vaulting over them, even at their considerable height.

Emmay produce a range of Extra Tall, Extra Wide Safety Gates, that are available in both black or white; suitable for almost any home. With the use of extensions, Emmay Stair Gates can be even be extended up to 162cm; big enough for almost any application.

While Emmay provide a range of Pet Gates for larger widths of openings, BabyDan have realised that even people in smaller homes have pets that can be a little too adventurous for their liking, and have designed a Pet Safety Gate that is suitable for use in narrow openings, from 63cm and upwards. With an extremely easy to use design, the BabyDan Streamline Pet Gate is a subtle and unobtrusive design that will match the decor in any home. BabyDan Streamline also has bars that are designed to be a very narrow distance apart, making it harder for cats to be able to sneak between them. In one customer review, a lady mentioned that her cat had developed a habit of trying to jump in the moses basket with her 18-day-old baby, and the BabyDan Streamline had proved the perfect foil to the over adventurous feline; leaving it unable to enter the room where the baby was sleeping.

With the growing range of Pet Safety Gates available to purchase today from BabySecurity, there is one for every home, pet and budget!

View and purchase from the Pet Safety Gate range available from BabySecurity.

Review: Bebetel Bluetooth Long Range Baby Monitor

When looking to purchase a baby monitor, it is very common to see a range between 100 and 300 metres; now imagine the shock at finding a baby monitor with a range that is UNLIMITED.

The Bebetel Bluetooth Baby Monitor is that Baby Monitor. With the Bebetel Bluetooth, it is possible to monitor your child from ANYWHERE in the world. Utilising mobile phone signals, you can be alerted whenever there are problems in the nursery.


When you first receive your Bebetel Bluetooth, you are only a couple of steps away from limitless baby monitoring. As the name suggests, the Bebetel Bluetooth is connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone (which is left near the Bebetel unit), then whenever there is a noise in your child’s room, the Bebetel will dial out on the mobile phone, to whatever number you tell it to call. It really is that simple! As the Bebetel utilises the connection the paired mobile phone has to the mobile network, the connection is as strong as your phone signal.

Bebetel Bluetooth is also loaded with features; like many of the best Baby Monitors available currently, you are able to talk to your child whilst on your way to their room to comfort them. Bebetel have taken this one step further however, in that you can ‘call’ the Bebetel Bluetooth, allowing you to initiate contact with your child, and check to make sure they are ok. This unique feature extends the life of the monitor beyond when your baby is still very young. Older children can reach you at any time by simply pressing any button on the front of the Bebetel Bluetooth.

Designed by Swiss Electronics Specialists Bebetel, the Bebetel Bluetooth utilises the latest technology to provide a link between you and your child. The simplistic design of the Bluetooth Baby Monitor makes it very intuitive to use, with only a couple of buttons providing a number of versatile features. Manufactured to comply with all CE regulations, Bebetel Bluetooth has been tested to ensure it meets with the highest standards of design and production.

Bebetel Bluetooth is ideal for holidays, where it can either be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, or to a hotel’s internal telephone system with the included wire. With peace of mind, parents are left free to go to the hotel bar for a drink or use the other facilities. These functions can also be put to use at home, if you are having a barbecue or simply enjoying an evening in the garden.

Due to its unique transmission method, using telephone systems rather than traditional Baby Monitor transmission techniques; Bebetel Bluetooth goes beyond the basic limitations of the baby monitors of old. Gone are the days where parents were forced to stay within a certain distance of their children; limiting their use of their own garden and home. With Bebetel Bluetooth parents are free to enjoy themselves at home, on holiday, wherever they may be; safe in the knowledge that their child is safe and can reach them whenever they wish.

Bebetel Bluetooth is truly a revolutionary product in the Baby Monitor market. Using new and growing technologies, Bebetel have re-invented the Baby Monitor, removing the possibility for a small transmission range and its side effects, and replacing it with limitless baby monitoring, and a new freedom for parents.

Click here to view and purchase the Bebetel Bluetooth Long Range Baby Monitor from BabySecurity

(Please note Baby Monitors are not a replacement for responsible parenting, and babies should be constantly monitored in person to ensure their safety)

Review: Outlook Shade-a-Babe UV Buggy Sun Shades

In the second of our new Reviews feature, discuss the Outlook Shade-a-Babe Buggy Shades; we hope you enjoy reading all about them!

During the Summer months, we all know the dangers of the Sun to our skin. It is more important than ever to reach for the sunscreen, slip on a tshirt and slap on a hat, and for no one is it more important than for your children.

Young skin is more susceptible to burning in the bright sunshine as it has yet to develop any inbuilt resistance to the sun’s effects. Whilst everyone remembers to apply sun tan lotion on the beach and by the pool, we quite often forget that whilst we’re walking around and feeling a breeze, the Sun is still beating down on us doing potential damage to our skin.

Baby Shades for Buggys and Prams are a great way to protect your children from UV rays, and provide a great shady haven from the hot weather. The Outlook Shade-a-Babe range are particularly excellent, utilising durable yet lightweight fabrics, manufactured to block out UV rays (with an effective capacity of 99.9%).

Outlook Shade-a-Babe UV Buggy Sunshades are available in a wide range of colours, ensuring there is one to match every taste and style. The uppermost panel of Outlook Shade-a-Babe Shades is manufactured with a three layers of protection for your child : lightweight UPF50+ material – the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating available for fabrics forms the top layer, with two layers of ultra-fine yet thick mesh to add extra protection from the sun and insects. This large canopy provides a great shade over the child’s face, meaning they are less likely to be dazzled by the Sun (a nasty experience for an adult, let alone a child). The lower half of the Outlook Shade-a-Babe Shade is manufactured from the same fine mesh as the upper panel, this works perfectly to reduce the amount of ambient sunlight inside the Buggy Shade, and also acts as an insect net, stopping all airborn nasties from flying near and upsetting your child.

One particularly good feature of the Outlook range is that the front panel of the UV Shade can be zipped down, making it easy to pass things to your child, and allow them to climb out if they like. This front panel easily folds away in to a handy pocket on the below the opening; allowing quick and easy stowage as necessary.

The every single detail of the Outlook Shade-a-Babe shouts “easy use”. With large, strong Velcro tabs to hold the Buggy Shade in place, and chunky, easy to grip zip handles; it is very clear this is a high quality, ultra-durable product.

As we reach the end of the summer months, hot days are still cropping up here and there, and the Outlook Shade-a-Babe is a perfect accompaniment for days out in the sun. Lightweight, easy to install, it is a must for every car boot, ready for action as and when required.

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