Keeping Your Child Safe in the Sun…

When travelling with your child, it is always a high priority to keep your child safe, and comfortable whilst in strange environments. The best ways to achieve this are with specially designed, lightweight travel cots. A number of leading brands such as Little Life, NScessity, and Samsonite produce a range of these baby travel cots that can be erected in seconds, and give your baby a safe, cosy environment no matter where they are in the world.

The Sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to your child, and portable UV Travel Tents from NScessity and Samsonite are a great way to keep your baby safe on the beach, around the pool, or even in the garden at home. UV Tents come in a range of colours, sizes and styles which can be erected in seconds, leaving you free to enjoy quality time with your child. Manufactured from lightweight SPF rated fabrics, they provide a shady haven for your little one from the Sun’s rays and designed with ease of use in mind, UV Travel Tents offer almost instant protection for your child.

Some of the UV Travels Tents currently available can be utilised as a travel cot, making them ideal for naptimes when you are on the go. With in-built mesh panels, UV travel tents allow a cool breeze to flow through, keeping your child cool, whilst still in the shade. The mesh panels in UV Tents are specifically designed to be insect-proof, meaning that whilst in their UV Travel Tent, your child is protected from the native creepy-crawlies.

Many UV Travel Tents are very versatile, offering a number of uses, making them a very economical purchase. Easily stowed away for use in the sun on holiday, they can also be utilised as a travel cot for naptimes and weekends away, when you get home they can also be quickly popped up in the garden making a great play tent or den for your children.

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Safety in the Sun!

Sunshine, it’s great when it’s around! It makes us feel a little more up-beat and happy. You look forward to spending the day outside with your family, so you dream up a hundred different plans of which you could all go and do together. Amongst all of this excitement, it can be easy to forget about the thing you have got all excited for, the sun. As good as it may make you feel, it can also be very bad for you. And if it’s bad for you, it means that it’s even worse for your baby. So whilst planning for your day trip out in the glorious summer sun, you also need to prepare for yourself and your little one to be protected.

Baby wearing a sun hat
Keep protected from the sun’s UV rays

We have all been sunburnt and for some reason we all show it off to our friends and family like we are almost proud of it, yet we all know that it is terrible for our skin. When we get sunburn, our skin transforms into a red-purple coloured surface covered in sore little pimples which is both painful and hot to touch. The reason why this happens is because you have fully exposed yourself to quite a dangerous form of radiation. Sunburn is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays which affects the living tissue and often leaves you feeling tired causing heat exhaustion and even sunstroke which leaves you feeling sick and sometimes even mildly dizzy. Sunburn usually appears within a few hours and typically takes a few days and sometimes even up to a week before it will actually begin to fade. So why do we put ourselves through it when we all know that we are going to burn.  Even more worryingly, a recent report suggested that many people believed that they had to burn in order to get a tan!

A child with sunburn
Sunburn is terrible for our skin

Don’t be fooled by Mother Nature. If it’s a windy day and you are not feeling any heat, that still does not mean the sun is not damaging your skin. Also, if it’s an overcast day, please do not think that the clouds will be protecting your little one; the harmful UV rays will easily penetrate through them and burn both you and your baby. It’s also very important to remember the second the sun’s rays touches the skin, there is a risk of serious damage. If your child gets sunburnt while they are young, their chances of developing melanoma later in life could double!

Your baby’s skin is not as well developed as what yours is as it is much thinner and it does not contain melanin. Melanin is a defence against the sun as it helps to absorb the dangerous UV rays which the sun naturally emits. It also helps to add colour to the skin, hair and eyes.
If your baby is aged between 0-6 months then they should be completed sheltered and protected from the sun, simply just because their skin is too sensitive.
If your baby is aged between 6-12 months you can begin to use sunscreen on your baby’s skin. This must be applied 30 minutes before you even go outside into the sunshine, furthermore it should then be reapplied at least every two hours.
Babies who aged are under 3 months are not able to regulate their own body temperature as they cannot sweat, meaning that it is up to you as a parent to keep your baby cool and hydrated. Dress your baby in loose breathable cotton clothing and give them cool drinks regularly. Protect them from the sun’s rays by using a sun hat which has a wide brim and neck flaps just to ensure that their neck or ears do not get burnt. If your little one is in a stroller, always make sure that you have a shade net covering the area of where they are sitting, keeping them both cool and protected. Also try to avoid the sun at it’s hottest which tends to be around midday.

Outlook snooze pod
Outlook Sleep-pod

And remember, safety in the sun is one of the most important factors you need to think of when planning your summer day out.

How To Protect Your Child From UV Radiation

Let’s face it, we British love to complain about the weather. We get so much of it, and it’s never the same for more than five minutes, which not only gives us an almost endless variety of problems and challenges to combat, it also presents us with something to complain about on an almost daily basis.

But when it comes to young children it is important to make sure that these sudden changes in the weather don’t catch you out. For far too long now we have been coping with strong winds and an endless lashing of rain. But in the last few days we have been able to stop complaining about the incessantly bad weather, and instead start complaining about the unbearably hot and sunny weather.

The real problem though is that the sudden transition from cold, wet weather to hot and sunny weather means that few of us have had the chance to properly acclimatise to the improved conditions. But whilst we may be suffering, it is doubly important to remember that young children find it considerably harder than we do to adapt to sudden changes in temperature.

Remember, very young children don’t sweat, and so it is extremely easy for them to overheat. Not only that, but their skin is incredibly sensitive, and hasn’t been able to effectively develop any form of protection against the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun.

Of course we are all at risk from the heightened levels of UV radiation which causes so much damage to our skin, but children’s skin can damage very much more quickly and easily than ours. Not only is this damage extremely painful and dangerous, but it can also have long lasting effects, including increasing the risk of developing skin cancer many, many years in the future.

Fortunately there are a variety of ways of helping to protect your child from skin damage from the sun, and to help keep them cool in the hot weather, without having to force them to stay inside sitting next to the air-conditioning units. Children can still get outside and enjoy themselves, without being at risk from sun damage or overheating. So let’s have a look at a couple of product ideas you might consider investing in to protect your children.

Car Window Blinds

Cars can get extremely hot, and although sitting in the front you’ve got shades at your disposal, sitting in the back often children are exposed to direct sunlight, sometimes for quite long periods of time. If the sun is very bright and you happen to be driving in a direction which puts the sun on the same side of the car as your child then it can dazzle them as well as potentially damage their skin.

There are a range of car window blinds which can easily be attached to a window in seconds, and which help to shade your child from both the heat of the sun as well as the sunlight itself. This includes the UV radiation which causes damage to skin and eyes.

UV Sunsuits

For children who like to play outdoors, perhaps in paddling pools or even on the beach there are a wide range of UV sunsuits which provide around 75% body cover, offering not only a stylish look, but also high-quality UV protection. The problem with sun lotion and sun cream is that it can rub off very easily if your child is very active. These sunsuits are quick and easy to put on, and are zipped at the back to prevent children from removing them.

Personal UV Monitor

You might possibly have not come across these as they are a fairly new gadget. The personal UV Monitor is a small device which measures the intensity of the sun. By entering data which tells the monitor the user’s skin type, and the level of protection offered by any sun cream applied, the UV monitor is able to measure the UV level and sound an alarm when the safe exposure time is up.

These are just a few of the UV products available today which can help you to protect your child from sun damage. It is critical to appreciate that skin cancer is not something which is unique to adults. In fact research shows that as much as 80% of the damage to skin caused through exposure to sunlight takes place well before the age of 18, and most skin cancers in adults can be traced back to overexposure to UV radiation as a child.

We would never suggest keeping your child indoors throughout the summer in order to keep them safe. It is perfectly possible for your child to enjoy the summer sun and to enjoy playing outside in it. But it is important to make sure that when they are playing outside in the sun, or even simply sitting in a car on a journey which is taking place on a bright, hot, sunny day, your child is safe and protected.

These products are all extremely affordable, convenient and easy-to-use. There are other things that you can use as well of course, but these will help go a long way towards protecting your child not just now, but potentially right through to their adult life.


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