Teaching Your Baby With Educational Toys

Babies learn about the world through play, but they need lots of stimulation to encourage them to learn. This is why many parents use educational toys to help their babies pick up the basic skills and knowledge that are essential to healthy physical and mental development.

For example, educational baby toys can help to teach infants about:

  • Solving simple problems
  • Controlling movements and body parts
  • Using imagination
  • Figuring out how things work
  • Sharing and cooperating with others
  • Controlling things in his/her world
  • Playing by themselves

In addition, educational baby toys can help build physical strength, balance, co-ordination and muscle control.

Do your research

Before buying early learning toys for your baby, it might be worth researching the topic on the internet or in your local library. Get the opinion of other parents and see what experts in baby development have to say on the subject, then you will know exactly the right kind of baby toys to buy.

Things to look for in educational toys

There are few essential criteria you should look out for when shopping for play-based baby products, including:

  • Age-appropriateness – only buy toys that are specifically recommended for your baby’s age group
  • Durability and ‘washability’ – the most well-loved toys tend to get very dirty and wear out quickly
  • Interactivity and stimulation – will the toy be able to catch and keep your baby’s attention, as well as actively encouraging him or her to learn?
  • Level of challenge – the ideal educational baby toy will be challenging, but not frustratingly so.



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