Travel cots: parents on the move

Many parents are prevented from travelling around when they have a new baby simply because they don’t feel as though their child will settle down at someone else’s house or in a hotel etc.  However, most of the time there are also practical concerns, such as: where will the baby sleep?  Travel cots are no longer a new idea and they have evolved enormously over the last twenty or so years into something really quite impressive.

They are all relatively easy to assemble and carry around, but some are easier than others.  If you’re buying something to go touring with, staying in various different places, or perhaps camping then you’ll want to go for something that pops up easily and goes away just as well.  Many of these travel cots are very much like tents in many respects and some of them even come with UV protection screens and/or mosquito nets built in so that you can safely allow your child to sleep outdoors.

If you only really need a travel cot to take to a friend’s house or stay with relatives for extended periods of time then a more solid design might be a good idea.  These travel cots are a little more heavy and cumbersome, but they are more solid and will perhaps allow a greater comfort and security level than the more flexible models on the market.

Whichever type of travel cot you go for it is important to remember that you needn’t be a prisoner in your own home just because you have a baby; you will find babies to be more flexible than you could imagine and they will be comfortable virtually anywhere as long as they have a place to sleep.

It’s good to travel with your baby

Putting your baby down to sleep in a travel cot in different places, with different surroundings and different people around them is a great way to accustom them to, and socialise them with others and deal with change.  This is also an excellent way to train your child to be looked after by relatives or friends if you want to get away from it all for a while; if they are already accustomed to staying in their carer’s house and they deal well with change you’ve already won half the battle.

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Why use a Baby Carrier

From birth, your baby is constantly growing and learning. It may be something that you might not think about, but your baby sight is something, which like them develops gradually. For new-borns, sight will appear fuzzy, not quite so clear although it is possible for them to notice a change in light, shapes and movement around them, yet they can only see up to 15 inches away! By the time they reach 2 months, a baby would have learnt to focus both eyes on one object, allowing them to follow movement steadily. At the four-month stage, your baby will be able to distinguish colours more clearly and even be able to tell the difference between shades. Once they reach eight months, your baby’s vision will be strong enough to recognise both people and objects from a distance.

Baby looking into the camera
For new-borns, sight will appear fuzzy

So with all of the wonderful developments that will be happening with your baby, a day out in the park or a little stroll around your village will open up their eyes to a world full of beautiful bright colours and objects. Not only will it help to keep you active, it will help to keep your little one amused and entertained whilst they learn and develop.
You may take your baby out for a walk because they are finding it hard to settle, and what do you know it works! They suddenly become calm and quiet, gush and coo at anything that moves, pointing and wanting to touch everything that intrigues them. This is all because every day they are able to see more and more even clearer, so for them, going for an afternoon stroll is full of exciting new wonders of objects and colours, which they have never seen before. Great for them and even better for you as this allows you to have some relaxing bonding time with your baby during a gentle stroll in the glorious summer sun.

An afternoon stroll is full of exciting new wonders

Thankfully, there is a great product on the market that allows you to carry your child easily and comfortably around, a baby carrier. The favourite of many mums and their babies as this allows them to get a good open clear view of their surroundings. A baby carrier allows you to see your baby much easier than what you would in a stroller. Furthermore, it allows you to communicate with your little one whilst on the journey. Compared to a stroller, a baby carrier gives your baby great circulation and movement. On a hot day they may become flustered and bothered sitting uncomfortably in their pram whereas a carrier allows them to move their arms and legs more freely. In addition, many carriers allow you to place you baby facing either you or the outside world.
We have a fantastic selection of baby carriers that will be perfect for you and your baby on those delightful sunny summer days. Our Chicco carrier is compact, lightweight and comfortable for both parent and baby. The Carrier itself has wide padded straps so they do not dig in to your shoulders making it a much more experience for you.

Chicco 2 Way Baby Carrier
Chicco GO Baby Carrier

Safety in the Sun!

Sunshine, it’s great when it’s around! It makes us feel a little more up-beat and happy. You look forward to spending the day outside with your family, so you dream up a hundred different plans of which you could all go and do together. Amongst all of this excitement, it can be easy to forget about the thing you have got all excited for, the sun. As good as it may make you feel, it can also be very bad for you. And if it’s bad for you, it means that it’s even worse for your baby. So whilst planning for your day trip out in the glorious summer sun, you also need to prepare for yourself and your little one to be protected.

Baby wearing a sun hat
Keep protected from the sun’s UV rays

We have all been sunburnt and for some reason we all show it off to our friends and family like we are almost proud of it, yet we all know that it is terrible for our skin. When we get sunburn, our skin transforms into a red-purple coloured surface covered in sore little pimples which is both painful and hot to touch. The reason why this happens is because you have fully exposed yourself to quite a dangerous form of radiation. Sunburn is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays which affects the living tissue and often leaves you feeling tired causing heat exhaustion and even sunstroke which leaves you feeling sick and sometimes even mildly dizzy. Sunburn usually appears within a few hours and typically takes a few days and sometimes even up to a week before it will actually begin to fade. So why do we put ourselves through it when we all know that we are going to burn.  Even more worryingly, a recent report suggested that many people believed that they had to burn in order to get a tan!

A child with sunburn
Sunburn is terrible for our skin

Don’t be fooled by Mother Nature. If it’s a windy day and you are not feeling any heat, that still does not mean the sun is not damaging your skin. Also, if it’s an overcast day, please do not think that the clouds will be protecting your little one; the harmful UV rays will easily penetrate through them and burn both you and your baby. It’s also very important to remember the second the sun’s rays touches the skin, there is a risk of serious damage. If your child gets sunburnt while they are young, their chances of developing melanoma later in life could double!

Your baby’s skin is not as well developed as what yours is as it is much thinner and it does not contain melanin. Melanin is a defence against the sun as it helps to absorb the dangerous UV rays which the sun naturally emits. It also helps to add colour to the skin, hair and eyes.
If your baby is aged between 0-6 months then they should be completed sheltered and protected from the sun, simply just because their skin is too sensitive.
If your baby is aged between 6-12 months you can begin to use sunscreen on your baby’s skin. This must be applied 30 minutes before you even go outside into the sunshine, furthermore it should then be reapplied at least every two hours.
Babies who aged are under 3 months are not able to regulate their own body temperature as they cannot sweat, meaning that it is up to you as a parent to keep your baby cool and hydrated. Dress your baby in loose breathable cotton clothing and give them cool drinks regularly. Protect them from the sun’s rays by using a sun hat which has a wide brim and neck flaps just to ensure that their neck or ears do not get burnt. If your little one is in a stroller, always make sure that you have a shade net covering the area of where they are sitting, keeping them both cool and protected. Also try to avoid the sun at it’s hottest which tends to be around midday.

Outlook snooze pod
Outlook Sleep-pod

And remember, safety in the sun is one of the most important factors you need to think of when planning your summer day out.

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