UV Protection when swimming

Last week we mentioned the sun and how dangerous it is to leave your kids out in it too long whether they have protection or not, and we offered a little advice on how best to protect them.  This week we’re going to go a little further into the subject and talk about specific UV protection that’s available for your kids when they’re playing outdoors and in particular swimming.

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Review: Outlook Shade-a-Babe UV Buggy Sun Shades

In the second of our new Reviews feature, BabySecurity.co.uk discuss the Outlook Shade-a-Babe Buggy Shades; we hope you enjoy reading all about them!

During the Summer months, we all know the dangers of the Sun to our skin. It is more important than ever to reach for the sunscreen, slip on a tshirt and slap on a hat, and for no one is it more important than for your children.

Young skin is more susceptible to burning in the bright sunshine as it has yet to develop any inbuilt resistance to the sun’s effects. Whilst everyone remembers to apply sun tan lotion on the beach and by the pool, we quite often forget that whilst we’re walking around and feeling a breeze, the Sun is still beating down on us doing potential damage to our skin.

Baby Shades for Buggys and Prams are a great way to protect your children from UV rays, and provide a great shady haven from the hot weather. The Outlook Shade-a-Babe range are particularly excellent, utilising durable yet lightweight fabrics, manufactured to block out UV rays (with an effective capacity of 99.9%).

Outlook Shade-a-Babe UV Buggy Sunshades are available in a wide range of colours, ensuring there is one to match every taste and style. The uppermost panel of Outlook Shade-a-Babe Shades is manufactured with a three layers of protection for your child : lightweight UPF50+ material – the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating available for fabrics forms the top layer, with two layers of ultra-fine yet thick mesh to add extra protection from the sun and insects. This large canopy provides a great shade over the child’s face, meaning they are less likely to be dazzled by the Sun (a nasty experience for an adult, let alone a child). The lower half of the Outlook Shade-a-Babe Shade is manufactured from the same fine mesh as the upper panel, this works perfectly to reduce the amount of ambient sunlight inside the Buggy Shade, and also acts as an insect net, stopping all airborn nasties from flying near and upsetting your child.

One particularly good feature of the Outlook range is that the front panel of the UV Shade can be zipped down, making it easy to pass things to your child, and allow them to climb out if they like. This front panel easily folds away in to a handy pocket on the below the opening; allowing quick and easy stowage as necessary.

The every single detail of the Outlook Shade-a-Babe shouts “easy use”. With large, strong Velcro tabs to hold the Buggy Shade in place, and chunky, easy to grip zip handles; it is very clear this is a high quality, ultra-durable product.

As we reach the end of the summer months, hot days are still cropping up here and there, and the Outlook Shade-a-Babe is a perfect accompaniment for days out in the sun. Lightweight, easy to install, it is a must for every car boot, ready for action as and when required.

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Keeping Your Child Safe in the Sun…

When travelling with your child, it is always a high priority to keep your child safe, and comfortable whilst in strange environments. The best ways to achieve this are with specially designed, lightweight travel cots. A number of leading brands such as Little Life, NScessity, and Samsonite produce a range of these baby travel cots that can be erected in seconds, and give your baby a safe, cosy environment no matter where they are in the world.

The Sun’s UV rays can be very harmful to your child, and portable UV Travel Tents from NScessity and Samsonite are a great way to keep your baby safe on the beach, around the pool, or even in the garden at home. UV Tents come in a range of colours, sizes and styles which can be erected in seconds, leaving you free to enjoy quality time with your child. Manufactured from lightweight SPF rated fabrics, they provide a shady haven for your little one from the Sun’s rays and designed with ease of use in mind, UV Travel Tents offer almost instant protection for your child.

Some of the UV Travels Tents currently available can be utilised as a travel cot, making them ideal for naptimes when you are on the go. With in-built mesh panels, UV travel tents allow a cool breeze to flow through, keeping your child cool, whilst still in the shade. The mesh panels in UV Tents are specifically designed to be insect-proof, meaning that whilst in their UV Travel Tent, your child is protected from the native creepy-crawlies.

Many UV Travel Tents are very versatile, offering a number of uses, making them a very economical purchase. Easily stowed away for use in the sun on holiday, they can also be utilised as a travel cot for naptimes and weekends away, when you get home they can also be quickly popped up in the garden making a great play tent or den for your children.

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