UV Protection when swimming

Last week we mentioned the sun and how dangerous it is to leave your kids out in it too long whether they have protection or not, and we offered a little advice on how best to protect them.  This week we’re going to go a little further into the subject and talk about specific UV protection that’s available for your kids when they’re playing outdoors and in particular swimming.

Playing outdoors

We all know now that average clothing cannot provide adequate sun protection, particularly from UV rays, and this is why the use of sun cream beneath clothes is advised, especially for children.  However, you can get UV clothing to protect your children too, and this is widely available at specialist stores nationwide and online.


Swimming is a particularly tricky area when it comes to UV protection, since most of the time your kids are going to want to play in the pool or sea all day long.  You can keep topping them up with sun cream, but can you really be sure that you given the cream enough time to soak into their skin before you let them back in the water; and how long should this be anyway?

There is an alternative to this however, and although they shouldn’t be used alone, without sun cream, UV swimsuits are a remarkable solution and provide a little extra cover when you’re concerned about the power of the sun; particularly as it reflects off the water.  Most of these suits offer a SPF of 50+ and protect your child from around 97% of ultra violet radiation.

UV swimsuits not only offer excellent protection for the sun they also prevent your child from getting too cold.  The sea doesn’t have the luxury of still, pool water that is allowed to be heated bt the sun, and even in the sunniest of days it can still be pretty cold for your child when they’re splashing about.

There is also the added bonus of being able to spot your child in the sea and at the beach or poolside among crowds of others.  The suits come in quite distinctive colours deliberately so that you can spot them when you need to.


So don’t be put off by the sun this summer, once you get all you need to protect your kids there’s really no reason not to spend as much time as you can at the beach or by the pool.  Have lots of fun in the sun and stay safe!

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