Why use baby shampoo?

Baby shampoo has been specially developed and dermatologically tested to be compatible with your baby’s skin.  Some adult shampoo may be used on your baby, but if you really want to be safe and not cause allergic reactions or conditions such as eczema then you should ideally stick to a baby shampoo that will prevent this happening.

It’s important to remember that your baby has been inside the womb for more or less nine months and has been protected from all chemicals and external environmental influences.  It’s as important to protect your baby’s skin from shampoo and irritant soaps as it is to keep them warm from the cold weather.

Types and brands

It’s usually quite easy to find baby shampoo in the supermarket or chemist that will suit your baby, but there are more specialist brands out there on the market should you need them.  Also it’s important not to assume that the top names in baby shampoo will necessarily suit your baby.  They may very well have a reaction to certain shampoos and if this is the case you need to go and visit your GP for some suggestions  or perhaps simply wash your baby’s hair with plain water for the time being; after all, they don’t get their hair that dirty and the majority will wash out with water.

Baby towels

Whilst we’re on the subject of washing your baby’s hair, it’s also important to mention that you should also try wherever possible to use baby towels when drying your baby’s head and hair.  This is primarily because they are soft and will not irritate your baby’s scalp in much the same way as baby shampoo attempts to avoid irritation.  Baby products, including baby towels, are there for a reason, not just to cash in on the fact that you have a baby; they are not trying to sell you things you don’t need. We have a good range of bath towels in our Baby Bath Accessories Section at Baby Security.


If you find the right baby shampoo and you use baby towels after baths etc then your baby will be sure to avoid many common scalp conditions, and what’s more important is that they will be comfortable and happy.

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