Will and Kate: The baby names of 2011?

It would certainly seem the case that whenever a celebrity is as much in the public eye as Prince William and Kate Middleton are at the moment, they start a trend in baby names.  It’s happened in the past with rock stars and other celebrities, and let’s face it, it’s about time the name “Kate” was revitalised a little.  We live in a celebrity obsessed society these days, much more so than before, and although we’re no more excited about William’s impending marriage to Kate Middleton as we were about the marriage of his parents Charles and Diana all those years ago, we are much more likely to feel the ripples of its cultural impact on our young expectant mothers because if this increased celebrity consciousness.

So would you call your child Will or Kate?  They’re not bad names after all.  However, can you imagine your child’s registration when they start school and the amount of Wills and Kates there are likely to be?  It makes you question whether it really is such a good thing.  Perhaps we should all reserve the naming of our children after the happy couple for those born on the day of the wedding.

What if your child is born on the Royal Wedding?

We don’t think you get a letter from the Queen or anything like that, but it is a momentous occasion none the less, and one that will be remembered throughout history; and people are likely to remember your child’s birthday because of it.  However, on a more humorous note, if you need to get an ambulance to hospital you might be annoying a few people, who would rather be watching the festivities on the TV.  In fact, considering it’s a public holiday for everyone you might be inconveniencing more people than you’ve ever done in your life; your child could well be the most disliked child in the UK when they finally arrive.

On a lighter note, it’s also a nice time to be sitting in hospital getting ready to deliver, watching the wedding on the television and placing bets whether or not your baby will arrive on the Royal Wedding day; you might just be able to make a few quid in the process of giving birth.  We’re pretty sure however that whether you make any money or not, your baby will be treated as though they too are royalty; if they do indeed arrive on the big day.

Commemorate the occasion

Why not celebrate the day with Will and Kate, and if someone you know has given birth on the Royal Wedding day, commemorate it with a gift for the baby.  However, if you’re going to buy a cup with the happy couple posing in front of the Union Jack etc please don’t forget the other special event that has just happened (namely the birth of the child) and buy something else too; something that isn’t overtly focused on the happy couple.

Enjoy the wedding and good luck with the baby!

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