How to prevent insect bites in babies

We all know the perils of insect bites and stings when on holiday. We also know how painful they can be, even as adults.  Imagine the discomfort they can course for your children!

With the recent Malaria scare suffered by X-Factor Judge and Pop Star, Cheryl Cole, protection from insect bites both at home and abroad has really hit the headlines.  It is particularly important to protect small children from mosquitoes, wasps etc; as their immune systems are not yet developed to a state where they can fight off potentially dangerous diseases and viruses that can be spread by insects. So how to prevent insect bites in babies?

Insect Nets for cots, prams and pushchairs are particularly usefull in this respect. Both cheap to buy and easy to fit, Insect Nets are an absolute must when packing your case for a holiday in the sun.  Manufactured from lightweight mesh, Insect Nets allow a breeze to flow through, keeping your baby cool whilst still protecting from biting bugs. At such low prices, they are a bargain no parent can be without when travelling abroad with their children.

Insect Nets are available in a wide range of sizes, and for a number of applications. BabyDan manufacture a custom fit Insect Net for their range of Travel Cots. The tailor-made Insect Net slips easily over the edges of the Travel Cot, leaving no gaps through which insects could fly. Attachable in seconds, no parent can afford to be without one.

Clippasafe make a wide range of Universal Insect Nets, for a variety of applications, including Car Seats, Travel Cots, Pushchairs and Prams. With such an expansive range, there is one for every possible need.

A variation of the Insect Net is now becoming more and more popular with parents is the Cat Net. Similar in construction to the Insect Net, Cat Nets are produced with a stronger mesh to withstand the possible impact of an inquisitive pet.  All too common is the unfortunate situation of a curious cat wanting to investigate more closely a new addition to the family, and jumping in to the cot next to baby.  Cat Nets combat this problem by providing a suspended, breathable protective layer over your child, protecting them from unintentional harm.

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